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Name 10 people you can think of right
off the top of your head.
Don’t read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 10 people.
This is a lot funnier if you actually
randomly list the names first.
No cheating.♥
1. fafa
2. ibnu
3. aya
4. e
5. mak
6. ayah
7. nasyr
8. azmi
9. josly lim
1. how did u meet no. 4?
met her?cheh at UTM but only close to her on our 2nd year
2. Do you have a crush on anyone up there?
i surely does~
3. What would you do if you hadn’t met number 1?
ermm..dunno.I wouldnt be a brooch dealer.hakhakhak
4.What would you do if 6 and 2 were going out?
Ibnu n ayah going out..hahah so funny.wht they up to huh?
5. How did you meet number 8?
Awww we met by a date going to harith’s show
6. Is 2 one of your best friends?
Best friends is really subjective topic..
7. Whose number 9’s best friend(s)?
How do i know..Jap tanya josly jap.haha
8. Have you ever dated number 1?
of cozz she;s my roomates g08 204. xpayah date..we slept one room lah
9. Do you miss number 10?
Mr Lim?hahaa.he just left the office.i miss him coz tomorrow got presentation in front of him..xmooo
10. What do u think of number 6?
My ayah..he’s super-dad!
11.what do you think of number 7?
nasyr is my love-tie..he;s so kind to me
12. who does number 3 like?
she’ll like her bf hafiz of coz or maybe some hunky dude at her office dredgen
13. Have you ever been inside number 8’s house?
I wish! hahahah
14. Do you love number 9?
I love a fren i do lah..wahhh so touching.hope he wont read this so geli
15. Ever been in the same bed as any of the numbers?
yeahh..fafa,aya,e,mak,ayah..thats it!
16. What about no. 5?
of couse..she breastfeed me..heheh.i used to hug her during sleep
17. Do you trust these people? depends but my parent i trust the most

Upcoming plans..

I was just finishing my presentation for the week. So glad it finish already. Im so lack of idea telling people how this product beneficial for everyone. Though i shouldnt be…The participant were Brian, Carin n Alan. Makes me feels good when Brian said i was cheerful upfront. I should join a cheer squad maybe~(I remember i was cheering for KRP team when orientation week.It was awesome and happiest-unknown feeling i ever had). Aaah whadda flashback…keep on moving nughol!

I now currently SELLING SHIPS. So if anyone/company happens to be interested in having ships for logistic or drilling vessel purposes, do contact so pleasure to serve u.Geee..I can be a good salesman i tink.. really cool isnt it. I mean the ship vessel.Gimme a call *wink3. 


Tomorrow should be KLians UTM once subservant gathering. Aya said she couldnt attend. That leaves me,kak fafa n adik ibnu. I googled all the site for Ramadhan Buffet and found that Planet Hollywood was the most reasonable price there is.Only 28. I have no idea what they’ll serve. Ginger Ale maybe..for a glass.. lah.they said it was local & western mixed up..ulam asam pedas evrything with a hollywood style.Mak gonna kill me.~

I also bump into cool sites which is (OfferNutz)…ekeke.Do visit it.Its all bout bargains,warehouse,sales all over KL..And the most exciting event was…

Warehouse sales at Fiat training Center, Taman keramat AU Enggang Lorong 29 Next to Texas Instruments

Promotion until 28 sept so head ur way there. Opens 10am-10pm

Theres branded garment there such as Next, Dorothy perkins

Well heres the poster damnit



Lets be a spender

Lets be a spender


Please says its cuteee


baby hippo

baby hippo

I placed an order for this item over the net flew across from UK i think…I just tot i would be a perfect gives for the one girl i loved..Alaaa da x surprisee..ekekekek 

Bloody bloodily

Hello everyone! My name is Nurul huda, I’m 22 years old and this is how my blood looks like.

eyluu i;m the mighty RBC the mighty RBC

I was quite surprise looking at my blood profile. I tot i was a normal freak. Well for ur info, this is unhealty kinda red blood cell. The healthy one should be separated between each other, imean the round shape cell..This one is linked up and aggulated and that means i’m lack of oxygen okay..the metabolism is unright…Looking at it, i pity my body.

So the get the normal n healthy kinda RBC, maintain ur oxygen level (cos RBC carries oxygen into ur vital organ parts)…How to get sufficient amount of oxygen?

1. U exercise accordingly which i left this acts since uni days.

2. U lived/breathe in the clean,lush greeny area which has bundle of oxygen. U can easily identify it.Green,cool,smells like grass-cut-down.Aaaahh

3. U get a product/supplement that can supply oxygen to u. Is there such thing? Yes there is..Its CELLRENEW. Its a good product not trying to sell barang kinda thing but its real goood.

   My friend at the office (Josly that is). He takes CELLRENEW everyday and his blood profile is normal compare to me even he’s such a bad-nutrition-taker cum smoker.I never take this product




behold of the oxygen

behold of the oxygen


How can people have great thought? when i have none..Well i think so..Im not a good talker in a real word, maybe i only good in my very own world lah..Come to think about it, it makes me real dizzy lah..Lately im so lazy. so much laze that even a whole pile of dishes i cannot wash. Its not that i cannot wash, i DONT WANT to. I also sleep A LOT. A lot till i had a back pain and some neck problem. Add to it i sleep after i ate something..Whoaa my tone shape has gone oredy. I sleep without proper face wash and the worst thing about that-i get pimples breakout. Can life be better? So sickkkk.

do i sleep like this? im far more extreme!

do i sleep like this? im far more extreme!

Change is a word that im always saying but hard to keep that in mind..people change for good. When to think about it, i do have changes in life..Whenever im willing to make changes, i change something physical first maybe my desk position, bed position etc..then im readdy to face the whole real changes..So far, it slightly does work but not 100% lah.

lack of idea….i wish i was an architect or designer or something. I used to help ika( e’s roomies) on her sketches back in 2nd year UTM. It was lil something n i love it. Shes doing landscape so i get the first sneak peek of her project with lotsa different theme each project. I help her do the coloring, the cutting, the pasting..n her sketches were nice.real good.

yeyeah..dean award n academic award wannabe.thats ika.

yeyeah..dean award n academic award wannabe.thats ika.

I wish this is me quoting such daring-provocative-sensible-ego sentence

Behind this mask is more than just skin. Behind this mask is idea, and idea are bulletproof

yeah behind this mask is waterproof idea.haha

yeah behind this mask is waterproof idea.haha

the quotes taken from this movie.never finish watching it.

the quotes actually taken from this movie.never finish watching not this type.

what happen last saturday

i went to watch a movie..

Let me sum up

disgusting, unfunny, sloppy and gross.

But i had a few laugh seriously

Anyone who ask for advice to watch this movie..u better dont (only if u are a pervert then ok lah)

hahaha. What the movie were called? Taraaa

At 1st tought id say..what the hell..just watch it (yuse were excited n draggy so i said yes.haha). JT were in it so i wanted to see how good he was.u better not to accept myers invites JT.its a career killer yeaww.

At the mean time the traffic going there is so bad…i lost yuse car for some moment but able to catch it back.When going to Carrefour WM, i totally lost.~vain

jammed n rain n running out of petrol

jammed n rain n running out of petrol

p/s 1. i got summon.100 melayang

2. car got scratch. time nk masuk parking opis

Whadda bad day? I blamed the hormone.For sure.

great adverts

i had always been fascinated by the great ads and i can vividly remember i kept on humming ads song beats and make it my own way kinda song. That was when i was a kids lah..The ads includes Pantene, Sunsilk etc back on that old days but recently i saw this sweet yet ticky ads by diGi.i love it how they manage to brings up the emotion and closeness into something everybody needs in such a swweeeet way.

It tickles my heart n my lung n my every part of organs

But seriously it was awesome aite? DiGi has always comes with a distinctive kinda ads. I love their art/ads director whoever he was hahaha. The song is by Bill Withers entitled Lovely Day

Thers also another song i love in UGLY BETTY by mika entitled hey betty (You are beautiful). Its refreshing.

What the…

Babylon A.D

Directed by : Matthew Kasovits
Top Actors : Vin Diesel,Michelle Yeoh..& some skanky but cute girls(Aurora)
vin diesel dont wore raincoat in there..

vin diesel dont wore raincoat in there..

This is the movie i watch with bunch of friends i never went with..Only Ibnu lah~..Others were Aya n
Shikin (my former classmates)
Late nite movie at around 11-something.
We're desperate i guez-Couldnt watch bunga api at PCC, so headed to Alamanda instead.
Lame us~
I forgot to snap some pixs there (what for?)=this post for reviewing anyway..
OK the movie is the type i dont need to watch (its not the same as the fact that Saiful
dont need to sumpah to Quran)=not funny~
i dont like science fiction so its a bad choice
The interpretation of the future is so negative
Who wants to live in a world like that?
Cant thy potray something exciting n harmony n peaceful n not violent?
Thats why im sick of sci-fi movies
and theres some blurr in the end..i was shocked tht the movie ended like that..
it makes forced me to think..
Awww c'mon im paying rm10 to be entertained/amazed/etc
Well im not sort of a thinker...
Bad choice nughol..
Blame urself.
  • p/s : michelle yeoh is awesome.
  • the girl in there is cute but shes so menyusahkan!if i were her mom i gave her sleeping pills
      so that i can bring her without nuisance
  • the girl also trying to be awfully sexy (i’m jealous)
  • who’s matthew kassovit? No wonder its a bad film (private opinion)
where the haters begin

where the hatred heart start

this is what i missed that night..They also miss spectator like me.heh

this is what i missed that night..Putrajaya also misses spectator like me.heh