A days at work

MY boyfriend always mambling around when he sees me wearing selendang as tudung instead of normal tudung muslim woman used. I dont know why?? He said normal tudung suits me the most.I dont think so..At least not so~..is it true that what people perceive us is the rightest thing, n  not the opposite ones? How do we know which one is true? I sometimes confused. Back then in uni days i always quarell with my besties bout my saying no matter what issue but at the end of it she always quote

“I know u well huda”..So evryting (anything)i said she can interpret it herself even i said wrongly..

That is little something~

"the unsuit selendang"-quoted by mohd nasir

the unsuit selendang-quoted by mohd nasir.REALLY?

the pics of the day…oh my shes so pushy

bombshell of Smartnaco...nahhhh just saying bcos ur the 1st viewer


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