Road trip around town

3 of us sleeping in one bed.hehe

3 of us sleeping in one bed.hehe

I havent went in office for 4 days.L.O.V.E it! its all becos of the outstation thingy. Then i skip,over-due,play dumb to be as late as i can so that my bos would say..

“oklah huda,takpayah masuk ofis lah”

Its merdeka holiday after all…

heheh i like not becos nk ponteng keje whever tapi to settle thing that im not settling since i got into busyness of work.1st after a trip to Kluang around 2pm,i went to MAYBANK to settle the signature issue.can u believe my signature is different back at 2004,its spitely longer and curler.(yeah i was so into long sign back then).So the officer ask me to verify my sign for the deduction of car installment direct tru my gaji..huhuhu.its the best way i think to get me pay the installment accordingly. But this month i have to debit it manually lah.~Still havent deposit yet..ngeeee

After settling that at Maybank Semenyih i went to Seri Kembangan for tinting my car.I got a 150 voucher from my salesman so i went there see wahat i can do with my ride.yeah went there is one thing but apart of it all,i never went to that place n i had some hard times finding the place.It was called Ray-tech.Not so popular i guess.People are mambling about were just V-Kool,Eco Tint all that..its a tint layer so i dont care as long as i have a good price lol.The map given is horrible (or its just me?)..but i get ther 30mins late.Still have a shot..After negotiating i only added 80 for full-covered tinting +1 years and 5 years warranty+ sun visor.ok lahh..i satisfied with my skin intention of going tanned.ahakss.

This week is a outdoor week maybe.I went to lot of places.One of them is the infamous Kluang. I love it becos i get to hang round and breakfast (my fave eating time is breakfast!).Yeah not just laze around but i actually work there made some presentation,demonstration etc regarding to my behold product~igG-Plus. hahah.been mingling with this for 3 months~But anyway i like kluang becos my fren is there-ayu & leya. i asked them to come over n have a sleepover at the hotel i stay.Hotel Aneka.Hahaha. Ayu said that it is the 3rd best hotel around kluang hahah but u cannot expect so much because its Kluang,not Bali or Penang.I made some presentation there.Not so much people lah but i continue anyway…

while presenting my company's word n wisdom

while presenting my company's word &wisdom

This is my first time to Kluang town.Before this i only there for a Raya trip with my cousemate and its only heading to Ayu’s cribs.There was a times where me and my riding fren got summons of potong double line.What a day that was….Hehehe but it was a hell of lots of experience.

Kluang is unique by its people n its untouched heritage + modern complexes building and cafe’s..Lots of kopitiam here with different kinda name- Ipoh ones,Old Town ones.Town Olds (its funny how ppl only flip the foreknown name n make his own).Above it all, my heart tingling to Kluang RailCoffee somehow…I love the originally place like that and its not the franchise place,its the original one.By the rail..There is the modern version of it but i forced Ayu to drove me to the railway instead. She got so confuse why im so enthusiast. Ayu always been so serious back in Uni days but i always drag her into my zone.Pervert zone. Haahaha. (its a Aya quote refer to me).Whadda jerk..

I've been here!Ayu kt bawah segan giler
yummy3.i hit half-boiled eggs n OTHERS toast bread

yummy3.i hit half-boiled eggs n OTHERS toast bread

Then on the 30th i went to Bahau for another product talk with my un-direct Boss en.azhar. The leader there were realy hefty with prizes, evryone get a bracelet,ring,packs of IgG-Plus milk and another lucky draw that im sure half of the audience get it. Thanks to PD Rashidi, evrybody called him YB..Looks like one 😛

I have some light meal at en.azhar house around 9pm and scoot over to Alang’s house BBQ of Merdeka i guess. jaja was there,so do aan,kak yana,jajay,jaja’s fren.jaja’s fiancee (i cant blieve my cousin alredy tied). I ate evrything i can-Spagetthi, Keowtiow sup Siam style, Lamb, Chicken, Coleslaw, Pear etc..i loves to weight is maintain secret is the Formula BC capsule i take.hahaha. Im the testimonial for the company. Preety something~

I went to Nilai 3 on the 31st august with my mak and Alang as early as 9am.We want to avoid hectic times there as it must be jam-packed with malaysians of course..I used the new expressway called LEKAS that stands for Lebuhraya Kajang-Semenyih i guess or Kajang-Seremban. Whatever lah~. Got there only 20mins.We got ourself a nice bamboo carpet-3 english floral print,1 animal print for me,1 new abstract print and 1 partition.All cheap ones. I loves shop for household! Makes me realise im getting one too..

My boyfriend alredy bought a house near Permas Jaya,JB. Proud of him *_*
Went back home around 12pm.

Goes out at 2pm with Aya.1stly intend to have a toilettries shopping at Mydin jerr. But somehow when 2 girls met, their heads went banging n the plan can changed drastically.Ahakss.We went to IKEA for just a meal there. Only bcos it feels like so hi school..hehehe i try daim cakes which is awesome!

Mouth watering cake

Mouth watering cake

I bought some things there but a quilt cover is a must for me..Hehehe.Bought a cheap one. Then i also bought the big blue ikea shopping thinking of using it everywhere i went to shop so that i reduce the plastic usage. Preety green me yay..

my fav place

my fav place

Realising our main plan, we headed to Mydin USJ,the biggest one in Malaysia i guez. It closed at 11pm so get a chance to shop lagik..:-)

green us..dump evrything inside ikea shopping bag

green us..dump evrything inside ikea shopping bag

and so my trip ended…:D


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