What the…

Babylon A.D

Directed by : Matthew Kasovits
Top Actors : Vin Diesel,Michelle Yeoh..& some skanky but cute girls(Aurora)
vin diesel dont wore raincoat in there..

vin diesel dont wore raincoat in there..

This is the movie i watch with bunch of friends i never went with..Only Ibnu lah~..Others were Aya n
Shikin (my former classmates)
Late nite movie at around 11-something.
We're desperate i guez-Couldnt watch bunga api at PCC, so headed to Alamanda instead.
Lame us~
I forgot to snap some pixs there (what for?)=this post for reviewing anyway..
OK the movie is the type i dont need to watch (its not the same as the fact that Saiful
dont need to sumpah to Quran)=not funny~
i dont like science fiction so its a bad choice
The interpretation of the future is so negative
Who wants to live in a world like that?
Cant thy potray something exciting n harmony n peaceful n not violent?
Thats why im sick of sci-fi movies
and theres some blurr in the end..i was shocked tht the movie ended like that..
it makes forced me to think..
Awww c'mon im paying rm10 to be entertained/amazed/etc
Well im not sort of a thinker...
Bad choice nughol..
Blame urself.
  • p/s : michelle yeoh is awesome.
  • the girl in there is cute but shes so menyusahkan!if i were her mom i gave her sleeping pills
      so that i can bring her without nuisance
  • the girl also trying to be awfully sexy (i’m jealous)
  • who’s matthew kassovit? No wonder its a bad film (private opinion)
where the haters begin

where the hatred heart start

this is what i missed that night..They also miss spectator like me.heh

this is what i missed that night..Putrajaya also misses spectator like me.heh


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