Who wants a Fat babe??Anyone?

Yesterday while driving, i heard a song by Backstreetboys “I want it that way”on the FLyFM (my fav radio station babe)…Suddenly i think of the parody song that was spread-about when i was in the 1st year of UTM…I like the video so much.Harharharrr..It was called “I want a fat babe” but follow the same melody as Backstreet but called themselves as SnackTreat Boys.I think the idea came about when woman don’t have to be thin to attract a guys attention. Some boys like/love fat babe,,Like my boyfriend..Ahakss..This is the lyric i get over the internet but i do memorize it bcos its all over my head.hehehe.
I want a Fat babe/Snacktreat Boys
your ass is wider, than a bus tire, of you, i’m not afraid,
i want a fat babe,
eat me, a whole pound of steak, finish your whole plate, it’s ok,
that i want a fat babe,
biggie fries, with a 64oz milkshake, super size, every step is like an earthquake,
your so wide, queen of eat all you can eat buffet,
i want a fat babe,
thin girls, are starving, for what, we’re carving, what they say, has no weight,
cause i want A FAT BABE
cherry pie, you got that extra cushion, thunder thighs, much better for the pushon,
slip and slide, next to you i’m always in the shade,
i want a fat babe,
magazines and the movie screens, say thin is the way to be,
but you can’t get some the distance, without some resistance, cause deep down inside of meee,
your ass, is wider, than a church choir,
eat more(eat more, eat more ,eat more)
i wanna hear you
say your having some shake and bake, micro heating is always to make,
(don’t want a skinny bitch) ally mcbeal, she”s who i hate,
i want a fat babe,
tell me whyyyyyyy, your diating to lose weight, that’s not right,
tai bo took a way your extra pounds,
i want a fat babe
Its a sweet song tho…Dont u think?? AJ look REALLY him in the video

Theyre great! Makes ppl like me feel i belong to this world.hahaha

They're great! Makes ppl like me feel i belong to this world.hahaha


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