great adverts

i had always been fascinated by the great ads and i can vividly remember i kept on humming ads song beats and make it my own way kinda song. That was when i was a kids lah..The ads includes Pantene, Sunsilk etc back on that old days but recently i saw this sweet yet ticky ads by diGi.i love it how they manage to brings up the emotion and closeness into something everybody needs in such a swweeeet way.

It tickles my heart n my lung n my every part of organs

But seriously it was awesome aite? DiGi has always comes with a distinctive kinda ads. I love their art/ads director whoever he was hahaha. The song is by Bill Withers entitled Lovely Day

Thers also another song i love in UGLY BETTY by mika entitled hey betty (You are beautiful). Its refreshing.


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