what happen last saturday

i went to watch a movie..

Let me sum up

disgusting, unfunny, sloppy and gross.

But i had a few laugh seriously

Anyone who ask for advice to watch this movie..u better dont (only if u are a pervert then ok lah)

hahaha. What the movie were called? Taraaa

At 1st tought id say..what the hell..just watch it (yuse were excited n draggy so i said yes.haha). JT were in it so i wanted to see how good he was.u better not to accept myers invites JT.its a career killer yeaww.

At the mean time the traffic going there is so bad…i lost yuse car for some moment but able to catch it back.When going to Carrefour WM, i totally lost.~vain

jammed n rain n running out of petrol

jammed n rain n running out of petrol

p/s 1. i got summon.100 melayang

2. car got scratch. time nk masuk parking opis

Whadda bad day? I blamed the hormone.For sure.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Salam.

    Ha … Kak Mala dah jumpa blog Nurul hehehe … wellmdone


  2. waaa… keta bru dh calar.. waaa


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