Bloody bloodily

Hello everyone! My name is Nurul huda, I’m 22 years old and this is how my blood looks like.

eyluu i;m the mighty RBC the mighty RBC

I was quite surprise looking at my blood profile. I tot i was a normal freak. Well for ur info, this is unhealty kinda red blood cell. The healthy one should be separated between each other, imean the round shape cell..This one is linked up and aggulated and that means i’m lack of oxygen okay..the metabolism is unright…Looking at it, i pity my body.

So the get the normal n healthy kinda RBC, maintain ur oxygen level (cos RBC carries oxygen into ur vital organ parts)…How to get sufficient amount of oxygen?

1. U exercise accordingly which i left this acts since uni days.

2. U lived/breathe in the clean,lush greeny area which has bundle of oxygen. U can easily identify it.Green,cool,smells like grass-cut-down.Aaaahh

3. U get a product/supplement that can supply oxygen to u. Is there such thing? Yes there is..Its CELLRENEW. Its a good product not trying to sell barang kinda thing but its real goood.

   My friend at the office (Josly that is). He takes CELLRENEW everyday and his blood profile is normal compare to me even he’s such a bad-nutrition-taker cum smoker.I never take this product




behold of the oxygen

behold of the oxygen


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