Upcoming plans..

I was just finishing my presentation for the week. So glad it finish already. Im so lack of idea telling people how this product beneficial for everyone. Though i shouldnt be…The participant were Brian, Carin n Alan. Makes me feels good when Brian said i was cheerful upfront. I should join a cheer squad maybe~(I remember i was cheering for KRP team when orientation week.It was awesome and happiest-unknown feeling i ever had). Aaah whadda flashback…keep on moving nughol!

I now currently SELLING SHIPS. So if anyone/company happens to be interested in having ships for logistic or drilling vessel purposes, do contact me.im so pleasure to serve u.Geee..I can be a good salesman i tink..

Whoaa..it really cool isnt it. I mean the ship vessel.Gimme a call *wink3. 


Tomorrow should be KLians UTM once subservant gathering. Aya said she couldnt attend. That leaves me,kak fafa n adik ibnu. I googled all the site for Ramadhan Buffet and found that Planet Hollywood was the most reasonable price there is.Only 28. I have no idea what they’ll serve. Ginger Ale maybe..for a glass..

hahaha.no lah.they said it was local & western mixed up..ulam asam pedas evrything with a hollywood style.Mak gonna kill me.~

I also bump into cool sites which is (OfferNutz)…ekeke.Do visit it.Its all bout bargains,warehouse,sales all over KL..And the most exciting event was…

Warehouse sales at Fiat training Center, Taman keramat AU Enggang Lorong 29 Next to Texas Instruments

Promotion until 28 sept so head ur way there. Opens 10am-10pm

Theres branded garment there such as Next, Dorothy perkins

Well heres the poster damnit



Lets be a spender

Lets be a spender


Please says its cuteee


baby hippo

baby hippo

I placed an order for this item over the net flew across from UK i think…I just tot i would be a perfect gives for the one girl i loved..Alaaa da x surprisee..ekekekek 


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