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sunday sundane

Here in my blog i realized that it had become my walks of life especially things happen on the weekend. So here’s another weekend im posting just to remind myself how lucky i am surround by those people n how grateful i still live up to this year. Thank U Allah. Ayyy..~touching.

Went to Zue’s brother wedding with my former coursemates- Fafa, Shik, Ain, Aya and Ibnu( odd ~) on Sunday. Some pixs on Ain’s hand coz i didnt bring digicam, i only snap some using my cellphone. Its like a mini reunion with our 8th gang G08 except that Nita n Ummu not around town-replaced by Ibnu lah.I went with fafa n shik(mrr2 way) while ibnu pick ain n aya (Federal way ) and met up at Zues condo at WangsaMas near Setapak. Quite amused that the wedding held on the 6th floor up there with nice swimming pool landscape. yawn.. it makes me wanna marry soon. miang :-p

While tunggu federal way gang sampai, we sit by the bench n ngumpat  mengulas/cuci mata tentang orang ramai. makcik2 sungguh.


kater nk tekel anak datuk kt sini..

kak dah : eh3 kak pah, da pandai makeup skarang nyah oii kak pah : kater nk tekel anak datuk kt sini.. ( kak pah ada niat datang ke majlis kawen ni. )


~memori daun pisang

~memori daun pisang menambat hatiku~lalala


lagu kurik-kundi wt ak flashback at those moment

lagu kurik-kundi wt ak flashback at those moment

 The best thing is that ader dancers n pesilat. Both of the things yg i involved in uni days.. Waaa so memorabilia. I join the dancers club in times where they are short of dancers so shik yg selaku JKM kolej mengajak aku. I was totally flattered n happy sangat cos i really love dancing be it traditional or gila2 kinda dance. Tp semestinya ak tidak clubbing. 🙂

lagu Kurik-kundi i dance at KRP’s dinner kt Astaka Budaya with moon, amiey, pesot, awang, nazmi, pikachu and ** (xingt comeee).





 p/s will upload more..


Salam aidilfitri part 2

Disebabkan saya masih dalam mood raya utk hari raya diteruskan sampai saya bosan tgok gambar raya.aaaaaHEHEHE.

ini budak kesayangan tokwan n nenek.comel!

ini budak kesayangan tokwan n nenek.comel!

Izwan’s age just a year n half but the most concern thing is that he cannot walk, still.budak lelaki mmg lambat sket ye x? His fave is watching lizard up floor, on floor or anywhere he sees lizard. Mesti suka Cicak-man 2 nk release skit masa nti. 😛

cheeky boy

cheeky boy

 izwan sgt cheeky n lovable. Muka die cam abg din maser kecik dulu. Ayah loves to take him jalan2 naik motor. The blue shirt on the left is Zharif, my niece yg ade own world with his lego’s.

me with my 'lovely' ank2 buah

me with my oh-so-lovely ank buah

 Anak-anak kakak sulung ak suma muke cam mat-saleh celup, but they’re extremely lah.good kids,indeed.Yasmin,zharif,ayesha and muiz-This is all their full name.

Pics taken at MUNSYID (majlis kumpulan nasyid) open house kt Kota Damansara. My brother- Abg Yoi is in mgmt team of rabbani so directly he involved. he even…..

mengadakan majlis cukur utk anaknya

mengadakan majlis cukur utk anaknya

 1stly ak pikir ape giler dier ni nk wt cukur kepala ank die kt open ouse org.mak ofcoz menyetujuinya sebab dia xperlu wat kenduri kat umah, tetamu hanya perlu amik makanan yg tersedia oleh sponsor2 bajet.bgus gak.


kami satu family bterima kasih sbb sponsor majlis cukur Azri (ank abg yoi).:)

Oh selepas abis majlis yg mulia ini, i received a call from isarah told me she was at Ibnu’s place. tkejot gk arr.kater xjadik datang.Poyo la ko gedik! Tp xbkesempatan mau jumpa bcoz she about to leave petang tu. I need to pick my bro’s fren, Kuya (filipino guy) at KLCC n hantar diorg kt jalan Pahang to meet up their bosses an indian guy. Expected lah. he;s nice. Show me jalan nk balik kajang cuz ya’know im such a babble head n xtau jalan KL. He direct me to jalan Kuching n i just follow my gut after that cuz we separated after that.He’s taking them to puduraya.My bro ade job kt Langkawi. he’s a keyboardist of a band so he travelled a lot.

raya bersama rakan2 yg ade ak xtau name dorg pn

raya bersama rakan2 yg ade ak xtau name dorg pn

raya kali ini berkonvoi bersama team konvoi yg xpernah dijoin selama ini. kira ak ahli baru lah. tp best gk arr n letih bangat cuz it starts at 10am and ends almost 1am malam tu.Oh i miss school days.

mereka dtg ke rumahku

mereka dtg ke rumahku

 Uh they’re great. thanks to anis,zirah,mia,shikin,strwbery and………(oh sorry i hav short n long term memory loss).Haha.

oh kami bersatu kembali-sarina je yg xde

oh kami bersatu kembali-sarina je yg xde

Huda, Hiza, Hanis n Sarina adalah geng sementara semasa di SMKEH (now SMUKHSIN, i think). Same class 5 Amanah dan membuat pelbagai aktiviti bersama dan menggosip dan menyembang perkara2 semasa.weekkk. Huda dok dengan Sarina n Hiza dok dengan Hanis. Kteorg 4 tetiba jd kawan cuz dok antara meja plg last n slalu borak santai time cekgu mengajar. Diorg sangat pelik dengan aku sebab suka belakon tahape2. skang ley terima kan..nyehnyeh..Selain diorg ak juga kawan dgn org len


pals since form 2 kt smkeh

pals since form 2 kt smkeh

 I enter the school when i was 14-form 2 and do not makes much friend back then but started form 4 i makes fren and try not to be freak geek.

yea…and so my post ended.

p/s while posting this im already late to work.blogging makes my nerve lose its sense.ayyy



Great Find for the day


After work yus ask me whether I wanted to go to pavilion but I rfuse cuz got things to run kna kna balik cpt arini. I stopped by at kajang town to grab some thing to shop.Sometimes ppl ask Boleh ek ko shopping sorang2? Aku pulak : Ape masalahnye pulak shopping sorg2. I list the pros n cons


1.       U don’t have to wait for others siap2 ke makeup ke, just grab a purse n go

2.       U can decide on ur own without any influenced of another

3.       U can save more time/money cuz with pal u tends to makan2,lepak2 tgok wayang n

          do unnecessary thing

4.       Get fit cuz u walk faster.hahah


1.       Feel like u don have company to walk with n ppl think u are dislikes by ur circle of friend

2.       When in the middle of choosing 2 items u wish u cud have someone to give opinion but u don’t

3.       Its impossible to laugh n pretend to have fun

4.       No one to keep an eye while u park since Im bad on side parking lah

But still im okay with/without having company. Im a flexible person.

And so actually I want to buy ‘something’ at parkson and I did but while walking passed by the shop its impossible not to stopped by lagipun dah lama xdatang Metro kajang.Huhuhu alas an. I bought a brown hijab which has beads so much and a white transparent blouse to be fit with my convertible kain. Hahaha . I love mix n match. I think black n white fits perfectly.

Then jalan2 to finish my mission n bump into something I lovee. Why I don’t know a bout this???


(Im so into baju kurung rite now, I dunno why, maybe bcoz nk attend kenduri nanti)

28/10 ZU’s bro  1/11 Ayu;s sis   2/11 Bakyah engangement

And im so out-dated

I love the fabric n pattern n the cutting.

It fits me well.



dotted pattern

dotted pattern and its brown which i love




tiger print

tiger print and im so-so about this cuz its too simple


love this

love this and its my top fave



I haven’t buy it because still considering. Hahaha I hope it still there when I decide.

Help me choose n gives comment yah~










P/S : 

I refuse flowery baju kurung rite now. If u happen to see me in flowery kurung it means that it was my mak choice or it is the previous kurung I had.

I love slim-figure cutting n xsuit for even-cutting. I do like Kurung Pahang cuz It seems like free-flowing.

I think im gonna buy those 2 above-the 1 im cam-whoring.

My fren said im too old fashion cuz im so pelik.Whatever.

eateries place-Black Canyon


maser lunch td my colleague yus belanja for the sake of something she bribe me earlier


wicked witch!

1stly she suggest nandos kt jusco maluri

then afterwards while waiting for her withdraw the money, i lazing around the eateries place

then i suggest eating at Black Canyon coz if we did dine at nandos, she end up do not eat anything.

Yes she’s a freak

She’s the only 1 i know in this universe that is the true BLOOD TYPE DIET regime follower

As she is AB, she cannot take chicken.

What the heck(I hope she do not read this)

Well everyone got their own perception. For me what important is that Food Pyramid tell us all

balanced diet, sufficient oxygen intake, good detox will do

Well yus, i still ur fren even u are a health weirdos-just abount recently-how bout the 25yeaars back?hahaha


what we ate

what we ate

 The place is good. i love the setting coz it looks cosy but cannot beat DELICIOUS on the interior design/setting lah but still cmfortable, they got some set of dining that u can choose. There’s a bit traditional with woody chair,some with covered-retro-print-cushion,some with laid-back cafe chair and theres also diner-style bench.

last Saturday i was chit-chatting with my bf bout future planning of opening a 1st ever diner in our country. i couldnt elaborate more.its a missile.Hahahah. Its a dream but i do hope it came true.


something like this but more color

something like this but more color

cosy n hangout

cosy n hangout


and a sexy diner girl..haha.kiddin

and a sexy diner girl..haha.kiddin

p/s : im not under influence of diner dash game yah..

i missed the moment

Stubborn kid always regret what she had done before. I do.

Pulling away what u always wanted the most

Turned back and wish if only she could be more sensible at that time

Things happen for a reason she proclaimed

But in the end she’s not happy with it

She lowered her alter ego

And do what she had to do long time ago

Its worth doing indeed






this is self-study cases and may irritate some. :p

p/s : I watched TAKBIR SUCI 1 this morning. Ellie Suriaty act is something i dont like to watch. Its over-act and emotionally taken. And the way she cried is so horrible. yea sometimes we do experienced buruk kinda cry but thats…*whatever*. She is honoured among actors so needless to say BRAVO anything but i personally dont like it! She dun get my vote. I like EJA somehow…




or this

or this



UKM student for 2 night

wahhh tetiba nk create new post ade section poll plak,try arr dgn soklan basi diatas..hahahha jd ke x..

ayyyy so lazyyy

last night so tiring..beraya n drive all the way

after work rain were so heavilyyy i barely see the road n some car honk me for no reason..hahaha padahal dok menyelit ke kiri ke kanan

i went to fafa’s ouse for brape kali dah diz week

i was introduced as ‘tetamu basi’ oleh family dier

hina sungguh~ 😦

hahahaha.i wait for aya n shikin lab to arrived.lambat gler shkin lab naik tren n salah beli tket ke pelabuhan kelang.ayyyyy sengal sungguh..

borak2, ngumpat2 n kepoh2 kt umah fafa smntara tggu diorg dtg. G beli mee mamak kt dpn umah dier tu nk jamu aya n shikin lab arr..ak ni da bukan taraf tetamu da..hahhaa

They come late at 9 i guez and then after dat headed to aya’s ouse kt jln kelang lama,PJ.

Aftr that drove back to UKM antar shikin lb.penat giler n then malas nk balik umah tdo UKM jer.

Pagi td kol 7.30 br balik umahh



Keje opis xsiap

Xde ideaa


kuar dr blik smntara shikin lab

kuar dr blik smntara shikin lab


Muke cam xmandi jerrr


shkin lab mengetest ketahanan kayu

shkin lab mengetest ketahanan kayu

keadaan spt rumah tumpangan ah leong

keadaan spt rumah tumpangan ah leong



let’s talk current issue

Baru call mak td bout catering stuff this saturday. She was at nenek’s place. WHo take her? Rupanya Alang..da berani da bwk keta ke kajang..hahahah.dlu pnya cautious gler lesen simpan sayang sangat kot dlu..

Smlm kt news pasal nih..

BNM serbu 4 syarikat




KUALA LUMPUR 13 Okt. – Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) hari ini menyerbu empat buah syarikat skim cepat kaya melalui Internet yang mempunyai rangkaian beratus-ratus ribu pelabur dengan nilai pelaburan dipercayai mencecah ratusan juta ringgit.

Serbuan tersebut dilakukan di beberapa lokasi di Lembah Klang setelah syarikat-syarikat terbabit disyaki menjalankan kegiatan mengambil deposit tanpa lesen dan membuat pelaburan haram di Kuala Lumpur, Selangor dan Negeri Sembilan.

Mengikut maklumat daripada laman web, secara umumnya syarikat-syarikat tersebut menetapkan bayaran minimum RM1,000 sebagai deposit untuk pendeposit menyertai bidang perniagaan seperti pengiklanan, pelancongan dan perkhidmatan.

BNM dalam satu kenyataan di sini memberitahu, syarikat terlibat ialah Buluhmas Enterprise Sdn. Bhd., Jazmeen (M) Sdn. Bhd., Noradz Travel & Services Sdn. Bhd. dan Eastana Farm Industries Sdn. Bhd.

Buluhmas yang beribu pejabat di Tanjung Karang, Selangor dalam laman webnya mendakwa ia memiliki 700,000 ahli sebagai pembayar deposit di seluruh negara.

Kaedah perniagaannya menggunakan promoter untuk mengiklankan aktiviti syarikat dengan menampal pelekat yang tertera logo syarikat atau perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan kepada pendeposit.

Sekitar pukul 9.30 malam ini, laman web Buluhmas masih boleh dilayari yang menunjukkan sejak April lalu ia telah menerima hampir 250,000 pengunjung.-Utusan



See the words in bold? I tink my whole family belah mak were the member of that company’s promoter whateva stuff coz one of our family member introduced to us. With the handsome amount of money u’ll get, i also have some urge to enroll but think hard n try to not-so-care about that. It still under investigation tho~

Lets see how it went

Will the money get back balik modal?

Is that really haram?

Hope everything will be fine n nobody lose any/gain irrelevant sources

p/s : mak actually only pay rm15 for registration so she got nothing much to lose lah.Others investing some kilos gak..