Flashback of Nodame Cantabile

Yesterday i have this urge to watch my fav japan series Nodame Cantabile which is stored in my Acer laptop used by my brother back in Penang. As he comes home for raya, i get a chance to watch la..even so i watch it almost hundred times,still havent bored..Its funny, sweet, agony, musical..Dragged yasmin my niece to watch with me too.She laughed as watching mr bean show..Told ya..

I do not have any intention of going out raya yesterday as i’ve been konvoiing with schoolmates for 2 days in a row.Its great indeed,get a chance to met the not-so-called-friend back in school year but now evrybody grown up alredy n catch back.Sweet..


ex-5 amanah get together

ex-5 amanah get together

The later raya konvoi xsempat upload masok laptop lg..

It was a great raya tho..already kerja,bought my own baju,prepare home stuff,kasi duit raya to kids,parents,dont get a chance of getting raya angpow anymore..frankly speaking i do loves giving,they say u get richer..i believe in that..

Back to the title..do watch Nodame if u havent watch it..its great especially those who loves comedy+romantic series..i like it when a hunky-super awesome-got-avrything guy falls for a goofy-corky- woman.its a real match.Same as “With love” starred by Yutaka Takenouchi.he’s the guy u wanted to died on top with, falling for an ordinary-clerk-makcik alike woman.

I actually hoping it happen to me tooo..heh..as if :p


llalalala. im humming beethoven symphony no.7

llalalala. im humming beethoven symphony no.7



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