free handbag people!!

ayyy my entry semalam yg i penat2 type alredy crashed so xappear..duhhhhh..evrything makes me wanna hate WP even more…heh…


Wanna have a bag for free?

Im a bag lovers so whenever there is something about bag i’ll sasau rite away


Handbag Planet is almost here. To celebrate the October 15, 2008 launch, they are giving away a free handbag every hour for 24 hours on the day of the launch. Their high fashion, trendy handbags are inspired by popular designer brands and priced between $30 and $80.

After signing-up in one easy step below, you can select the handbag you would like to win. There’s absolutely no catch – this means no shipping/handling fees or credit card required. Yes, it’s really that simple!

I want that green bag!!Never had that bag color before..hehehhe 

Every hour counts


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  1. Hello.

    I like your site and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links.

    Thanks in advance


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