sense of smell

Just now ym with Ain bout her new perfume suda ader idea untuk blogging. Aku raser ain la unimates yg mempunyai tahap penjenamaan tahap elle_karma nyer..wahahah.compliment to ain.dan setahap dengan ku jua lah..






               issey miyake 0:07
          le feu dissey light? 0:08


di atas contoh ym nyer..i only ym tru my beta mail.smkin hari smkin kuno~

i dont know a thing about issey miyake. not a fan of this actually. all i know is their kinda long shape triangle/pyramid rounded n in white color.

i currently use Giorgio Armani Sensi= release sudah lama tapi saya suka bangat aromanyee




beli dengan harga kilang iaitu RM150 for 100ml.unbelievable but i trust its brother is the middle man.oh its edp anyway..

previous parfum i have


  • Estee lauder Intuition (influence by kak nina)
  • Miss sixty (personal fav)

  • versace blonde (xsuka tp i kept tho its my bf gift)
  • moschino cheap n chic i love (my bf present to me)


  • Diesel Fuel for life (Robinson’s salesgirl pusher n im buying it)



  • Impluse Spice by Spice Girl..hahahah i seriously love this spray.hope it’ll have a top bottle i remember.


+ Exagerrately wants Miss Sixty Elixir and Mango Delirium+
p/s : u notice that my listing were all cheap n under rm200? im budgetinggg but i seriously love those smell.what ur sense?gv comment ya!




One response to this post.

  1. huahahaha.. mention nameku yer.. anyways, aku nk wat post gak ah pasal perfume.. hahaha… laen kali nk letak name aku link ler ke blog aku.. huahahaha..

    erk… bdw, blogspot pon ade gak ar kekurangan die.. huuu


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