i missed the moment

Stubborn kid always regret what she had done before. I do.

Pulling away what u always wanted the most

Turned back and wish if only she could be more sensible at that time

Things happen for a reason she proclaimed

But in the end she’s not happy with it

She lowered her alter ego

And do what she had to do long time ago

Its worth doing indeed






this is self-study cases and may irritate some. :p

p/s : I watched TAKBIR SUCI 1 this morning. Ellie Suriaty act is something i dont like to watch. Its over-act and emotionally taken. And the way she cried is so horrible. yea sometimes we do experienced buruk kinda cry but thats…*whatever*. She is honoured among actors so needless to say BRAVO anything but i personally dont like it! She dun get my vote. I like EJA somehow…




or this

or this




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