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After work yus ask me whether I wanted to go to pavilion but I rfuse cuz got things to run kna kna balik cpt arini. I stopped by at kajang town to grab some thing to shop.Sometimes ppl ask Boleh ek ko shopping sorang2? Aku pulak : Ape masalahnye pulak shopping sorg2. I list the pros n cons


1.       U don’t have to wait for others siap2 ke makeup ke, just grab a purse n go

2.       U can decide on ur own without any influenced of another

3.       U can save more time/money cuz with pal u tends to makan2,lepak2 tgok wayang n

          do unnecessary thing

4.       Get fit cuz u walk faster.hahah


1.       Feel like u don have company to walk with n ppl think u are dislikes by ur circle of friend

2.       When in the middle of choosing 2 items u wish u cud have someone to give opinion but u don’t

3.       Its impossible to laugh n pretend to have fun

4.       No one to keep an eye while u park since Im bad on side parking lah

But still im okay with/without having company. Im a flexible person.

And so actually I want to buy ‘something’ at parkson and I did but while walking passed by the shop its impossible not to stopped by lagipun dah lama xdatang Metro kajang.Huhuhu alas an. I bought a brown hijab which has beads so much and a white transparent blouse to be fit with my convertible kain. Hahaha . I love mix n match. I think black n white fits perfectly.

Then jalan2 to finish my mission n bump into something I lovee. Why I don’t know a bout this???


(Im so into baju kurung rite now, I dunno why, maybe bcoz nk attend kenduri nanti)

28/10 ZU’s bro  1/11 Ayu;s sis   2/11 Bakyah engangement

And im so out-dated

I love the fabric n pattern n the cutting.

It fits me well.



dotted pattern

dotted pattern and its brown which i love




tiger print

tiger print and im so-so about this cuz its too simple


love this

love this and its my top fave



I haven’t buy it because still considering. Hahaha I hope it still there when I decide.

Help me choose n gives comment yah~










P/S : 

I refuse flowery baju kurung rite now. If u happen to see me in flowery kurung it means that it was my mak choice or it is the previous kurung I had.

I love slim-figure cutting n xsuit for even-cutting. I do like Kurung Pahang cuz It seems like free-flowing.

I think im gonna buy those 2 above-the 1 im cam-whoring.

My fren said im too old fashion cuz im so pelik.Whatever.


3 responses to this post.

  1. yup i agree… lg besh shopping sorg2 especially since i tends to go into every shops!!! slalu org xtahan dgn aku.. even mama pon xsggup nk kuar shopping ngan aku.. huahahaha

    neways, hate d second bju kurg, erm, d last one kaler green ker pe tu?? but like d polka dots… (I’m soo into polka dots rite now.. haha)

    zue pesan suro korg make sure dtg kenduri abg die.. die suro korg antar rsvp (haha) kt die… pastu jgn luper bwk byk2 hadiah.. hahahahaa (tu aku yg tmbh)

    too bad aku xley g bakyah punyer… coz my first paper on da 3rd.. huuuu..


  2. Posted by nughol on October 22, 2008 at 6:39 am

    the last one is in red,some green,some brown. i like the pattern, its so folklore-hungary style. i’m gonna buy the polkas n folklore.haha. maybe im not gonna see the pattern nanti.baik cpt2 grab.huhuhu.

    its ok u cannot attend, im on ur behalf
    ……so gimme money 4 the pressie haha


  3. wekkkk… org yg keje byk duit.. org xkeje xde duit.. wahahahaha


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