eateries place-Black Canyon


maser lunch td my colleague yus belanja for the sake of something she bribe me earlier


wicked witch!

1stly she suggest nandos kt jusco maluri

then afterwards while waiting for her withdraw the money, i lazing around the eateries place

then i suggest eating at Black Canyon coz if we did dine at nandos, she end up do not eat anything.

Yes she’s a freak

She’s the only 1 i know in this universe that is the true BLOOD TYPE DIET regime follower

As she is AB, she cannot take chicken.

What the heck(I hope she do not read this)

Well everyone got their own perception. For me what important is that Food Pyramid tell us all

balanced diet, sufficient oxygen intake, good detox will do

Well yus, i still ur fren even u are a health weirdos-just abount recently-how bout the 25yeaars back?hahaha


what we ate

what we ate

 The place is good. i love the setting coz it looks cosy but cannot beat DELICIOUS on the interior design/setting lah but still cmfortable, they got some set of dining that u can choose. There’s a bit traditional with woody chair,some with covered-retro-print-cushion,some with laid-back cafe chair and theres also diner-style bench.

last Saturday i was chit-chatting with my bf bout future planning of opening a 1st ever diner in our country. i couldnt elaborate more.its a missile.Hahahah. Its a dream but i do hope it came true.


something like this but more color

something like this but more color

cosy n hangout

cosy n hangout


and a sexy diner girl..haha.kiddin

and a sexy diner girl..haha.kiddin

p/s : im not under influence of diner dash game yah..


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