sunday sundane

Here in my blog i realized that it had become my walks of life especially things happen on the weekend. So here’s another weekend im posting just to remind myself how lucky i am surround by those people n how grateful i still live up to this year. Thank U Allah. Ayyy..~touching.

Went to Zue’s brother wedding with my former coursemates- Fafa, Shik, Ain, Aya and Ibnu( odd ~) on Sunday. Some pixs on Ain’s hand coz i didnt bring digicam, i only snap some using my cellphone. Its like a mini reunion with our 8th gang G08 except that Nita n Ummu not around town-replaced by Ibnu lah.I went with fafa n shik(mrr2 way) while ibnu pick ain n aya (Federal way ) and met up at Zues condo at WangsaMas near Setapak. Quite amused that the wedding held on the 6th floor up there with nice swimming pool landscape. yawn.. it makes me wanna marry soon. miang :-p

While tunggu federal way gang sampai, we sit by the bench n ngumpat  mengulas/cuci mata tentang orang ramai. makcik2 sungguh.


kater nk tekel anak datuk kt sini..

kak dah : eh3 kak pah, da pandai makeup skarang nyah oii kak pah : kater nk tekel anak datuk kt sini.. ( kak pah ada niat datang ke majlis kawen ni. )


~memori daun pisang

~memori daun pisang menambat hatiku~lalala


lagu kurik-kundi wt ak flashback at those moment

lagu kurik-kundi wt ak flashback at those moment

 The best thing is that ader dancers n pesilat. Both of the things yg i involved in uni days.. Waaa so memorabilia. I join the dancers club in times where they are short of dancers so shik yg selaku JKM kolej mengajak aku. I was totally flattered n happy sangat cos i really love dancing be it traditional or gila2 kinda dance. Tp semestinya ak tidak clubbing. 🙂

lagu Kurik-kundi i dance at KRP’s dinner kt Astaka Budaya with moon, amiey, pesot, awang, nazmi, pikachu and ** (xingt comeee).





 p/s will upload more..


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  1. Posted by syue on December 1, 2010 at 7:45 am

    pikachu 2 sp? ade boses ni tnya aku,u pndai mnari so slalu g clubbing ke?what a brain!


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