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eNTRY XDOP gmba lg..

Aduh…mau buat 1 entry pon leh menguji tahap kesabaran maximum.. Dah kali brape ak refresh, cancel,retard restart xtawlah..trus wat entry baser malaysia ah..

Tgah mengemas bilik yang sangat x terurus dsebabkan sindreom seminggu mogok dgn diri sendiri akibat banyak gaul kurang fokus. Aduss this week boleh jadi minggu paling exciting atau killing. lemme list the killing part dlu (sbb nti boleh bgembira dgn exciting list later) adoi ape pnya alasan

Killing part vol.1

1. Monday shivering. Bukan sbb air sejuk di bathroom pkul 8.45am(br nk mand) tpksa menghadap bos2 yang bakal mengeluarkan vokal lantang (i think so…) tp sbnarnya biasa shaja. aku je yg menggelabah xtentu pasal. Alhamdulillah. reason? r.a.h.a.s.i.a (xabeh2)

2. Terpikir cmane nk wat design untok produk baru yg di assign sudah lama.. Adoi..Photoshop slalu sangkut2..

3. banyak berfikir ttg masa depan dan pelaburan. entry investment di bawah adalah cerita pjgnya.

4. Memikirkan prestasi org yg jaoh lebih baik dr aku mmbuatkan aku agak unsecure..aduss xpatot pikir gtu tp blame the week!

5. Part-time job yang macam sangat menekan aku utk wat sales. adoiii..kalo aku mau buat, aku buatlahh.

6. jadual next month yang sangat padat.pastu pikir bile aku mau cuti g JB?Adoiii

7. ajakan seseorg ttg bisnes (bukankah ni exciting?)

8. Kasut Cleef di JJ Maluri yg sangat vintage tiada saiz n last pair. Adoi sangat stress. Aku perlukan wedges yang cantekk.

9. Semasa mengedate, hp berdering tone “What goes around comes around” mmg sgt menakutkan. tdgr suara bos yg tgh naik angin.

*Kesimpulannya minggu ni killing sbb saya sgt banyak berfikir. tak tahulah semua ini mmg patut dipikir atau saya tlalu rush.. Adoii lagi.

Exciting part vol.1

1. Berjaya memakan di restoran ayam dengan pengdiet blood type yg sepatotnya dia xboleh makan ayam..Suda langgar dont list. Huahah

2. merasakan sudah dewasa….ye ke?

3. gaji masuk mengikut tekaan. Yuhuu

4. Berikrar dgn Yus bahawa kami akan makan di tmpt makan yang different tiap kali luncheon. No more Studio 5 or Kangkong or Mamak maluri.

5. Membeli bju secara solo. dengan agak banyk. Oh tika ini sy pakai legging(1st time beli) berwarna bright yellow. Suka. rasa cm nk pi photoshoot

6. Oh mau ke Putrajaya utk amik gmbar bberapa keping tp postponed Selasa hari.

7. Sales td di Jengka mencapai sasaran n harap bos tidak bising n bangga dgn saya.

8. Ngedate di Pelita Nasi Kandar di mana parkirnya sgt mencabar tp xpe sbb bukan sya yng ngedrive tetapi dia suda mencium bontot Wira. Hrp Wira tu xbuat Forensik Analisis Cat..+_+

9. Bjumpa dgn prospekbisnez baekk pnya tp msalahnya sya asyik berborak smpai lupa luahkan hajat. Cis. Tp xpa, nti leh cri alasan ajaknya ngedate lg. Yuhuhuu

* Kesimpulannya minggu ni exciting sbb saya tsenyum simpul kalo ngingatin point2 kegembiraan di atas. Saya juga sedar ada jgk org yg sokong saya sbnarnya. truskan sokongan anda.

Nk smbung kemas bilik.. Bermula dgn kotak beg2 yang i lupa ade ke x…adoii. tido jer boleh ke.. Malas ah…

Skrg ade 3 4 lagu yg jadi kegilaan. Surprisingly bukan lagu inggeris tapi……

+ Dugaannya- Hujan

+ Betapa -Shiela on 7

+ Situasi- Bunkface

+ Coba- Faizal Tahir

# Oh so in love… dalam kereta skrg xmau lagi memasang tp antara Era@Hot mane yg ade lgu2 ne..Bisa wt aku membawa kereta dgn lbey agresif n loncat2.

Gmbr2 mjlis ckur Azri-anak Abg Yoi lom edit/print lagi..adoii malas la. Selagi xkemas meja , slagi tu xmo wt.Huh.

Esok msuk keja pkol 12. bru balik Jengka maaa. penat juga wpon xpegang stereng lgsong.:-p

Aku kna mengdesign lagi… Dgn laptop yg maha lembab ni mana mungkin. Aku hilang sabarrrr.

Si Kak Pah pn xngemail lagi. Camana aku mau amek gmbr masjid nti. Lantak ahhh…

Aku mau godek camera lagik..Theehhehe



     Amazing race rush has drives me of wanting the needs of going unnecessary journey, expecting it is some kind of the training i had if i were the contestant. Aihh im looking forward for a race like that. Im not so brilliant on the mind games but i can hit dare games or stamina(is it?)

     I asked aya if she wanna join for that ride, she’s busy.I did asked Ain i guez but time does not permit. Fafa, mcmla nak..she’s busy. Sape lagi ade kt KL ni yg boleh melayan ku? My former classmates..sibuk jer.Sume cam nk kawen jer.hahaha.aih aku je ke yg ade ladies rush.Kalo kt JB cm mybe got someone to layan me. Aihhh…

     The Amazing Race was won by the Hong Kong guys..Aihh so dissapointed i tot Ida n tania would had a chance of 0h-so-glory Joe Jer and Zabrina era. Okay maybe i was the one who could bag that position back. haha.

     I entered a race in uni days called Explorace but only revolves around the uni area only but it was soooo tiring. We (me. fafa, nita and alan) have this i-dunno-where-the-spirit-came-from thingy and just wooshh like that when the penganjur whilst the whistle. With no preparation, no practice, no warm-up, no opponent study, no yogi meditation (ops no yoga allowed accord to fatwa), no route aware, we just speed like crazy..

     Okay we had to only by foot going places all over UTM..if u happen to know UTM, it is sooo huge and the places were like all over. From the starting point which is Padang Kawat, had to go to P17, Library, Balai Cerap (where i had to crawl to get there, so pushing my limit), Arked meranti, KTHO, K11…i dun remember after tht.aihhh

    It was so tiring n after the race finish (we were the 3rd last i guez) still got energy to look up some gerai at Pesta KOnvo. After tht, went to room sleep all that, the pain was all over the body when i woke up next morning. I feel like a granny or half-paralysed person. Omg. No. Even when i get up from the bed, feel so painful , When i climb or down the stairs (My room in 1st floor) it was done one step at a time.

     That was the most painest(??) thing i ever did to my body. Awww u deserved it!


dpt tshirt free

dpt tshirt free


Thing i think deep




     I recently had involved with so-called investment knowledge. Just to thought myself of being a smart girl. I think everyone should have this in-the-know thing cuz we cannot just see in a small box corner and what people talked about only, instead we have to read, ask, question so many thing until we are in-the-know state.

     I admit i had little, so little knowledge about investment up til my boss saying something about stock market going down, or just speak of the unit price down, i just nodded pretend that i know. Whadda lame me! I dun understand the word equity, bond, maturity state, expense ratio, distribution etc..

     Things changed.. I had my own personal goal that i had to achieved no matter what..

     I know i had to do something and so i contact my former coursemate, Azam cuz i heard before we graduate, he’s in that area of work. I got his no from Ain and straight away he set an appoitment. I told him dun expect anything but i just wanna hear about unit trust. I met him at barra Cafe pandan prima together with fafa cuz i just wanted her to share these sort of thing. I mean at least we are in-the-know state aite? he pull out his PC and explain everything i need to know. I have better understanding now and also have some pulling force to get in also. hahaha. I think it as my long term invesstment. Do not touch anything less than 3 years and do not sell if the price is below the normal buy pricing unit.

     Beforehand i do go tru some FD, ASB and some annuity scheme but i wanna start something in small capital. Dun have much money lah…and i aso dun want to use my emergency money up for investing. I went to maybank, they offer this fixed payment same as ASB, indeed it is ASB..minimum payment 140 for 20 years-gahhhhh? but only got 20K stuff. I actually dun really understand but willing to proceed somehow. Then i fill in the form..they called me to sign up for agreement and ask for 100 for stamping, service charge n sorts. i mean what the fish??? i rethink that i ask for my boss opinion, he said leave it and so i did. The officer called me every now and then but i coulnt manage to tell her that i want to cancel.

      I ask my mom, she support it. Alas she forbids me of putting money in ASB so anything that is non-ASB and syariah funds mean okay to her. She also invest in some share in Bank Rakyat. I have no comment regard to ASB fund,i mean if the majlis fatwa kebangsaan said it harus, who am i to say hell no..hahaha. But my mom said it still doubtful. But i think that again, if it is Haram, Fatwa said harus so if anything, the one who announce it include the body of organisation accounts for any thing happen in future include in Akhirat too. It is so individual ok. just to letya know. if the invest of some org exceed 1/3 of  its total income, it is consider haram. that means 33% and above. What i read, ASB fund of a very doubtful counter is 37%. Correct me if im wrong.

    Also the return of ASB only 7% but Unit trust is about around 15%. FD only 3-4&.

    I made my choice. What its gonna be.. I still in consideration …:-p

p.s        think of the risk factor

p.p.s     think of the long term return

p.p.p.s  think of the …economy meltdown made me weak

My concern : If this time is the best time to start a long term investment cuz the market is pretty low rite? or i just have to wait until economy goes down so                        that the unit price is even more cheaper than today.What is the best fund for me?

p.p.p.p.s SPD Zul also the Public Mutual advisor. he’s been in this for 5 years and was nominated wins Best Advisor. Dang..i never know the good advisor is just a click away. i also need to choose the best advisor.



Entry ini dibuat semata untuk kepuasan diri/motivasi…

Sebelum ni mumble kurang motivasi lah..xsemangat lah..huh alasan semata..

Aku learn yang motivasi tu paling kuat kalau datang dr diri kita sendiri, bukan atas dorongan orang lain. Yalah indeed others motivation memang helps tp slalunya bersifat temporary tp kalo it built within YOU, it stays longer and u can tune that.

Haih…(akward silence)

I dunno lately i became serious.

I watch Gossip Girl. I love it. Xpnah tgok pn b4 this..The OST is awesome. Only able to download 1 episode coz got interruption over IDM whatsoever..i watch it over n over

My boss talked about EPF percentage that the government offer 8% if we like. Dun they to like trap us all the time? Less saving means more income tax to pay afterwards..

Well, do u guys interested in saving? I had a GREAT deal to talk about. PM me if u interested.

call me!

comment will do also…

(aku x mempunyai topik yg spesifik,slalu menyimpang..aihh lantaklah)



mmg xda idea nk letak gambar ape tp nk letak jugak..

diambil dr lappie josly..syg gk kt mesia ingt syg saghawak jer

aku sayang malaysia.



p/s : Yuse take a leave today for video shoot-Shine In me. She got the top 10.guarantee 1K. Do vote for her next yah..



In terms of

I just forgot what i wanna write earlier. Seriously my short-term memory loss has come to an extent. To get the reading habit going, I bought my Readers Digest and some stunning quote notebooks that have a feasible size and i can carry it everywhere i go, jotting down ideas when it comes at flash so that i can battle this memory loss problem.

After work last Saturday i went to Jusco Maluri with fafa, she wanna buy his bf a gift for his birthday. She bought a set of belt and wallet by POLO. Sayang gile ek ko kt Qary..I wanna bought some but i wanna have something different, but idk what..

We have lunch at Jusco Food Court, i order dried chilli chic+sunny side up eggies+ toast bread+ milo whipped. Really hungry. Fafa just order nasi Ayam and Soy bean drink.

She pay on my behalf coz i dun have cash at all. Then afterwards she said its a blanja coz i help her on the halal ingredients database. thankss hoo..

The day before i go makan at mamaks at pandan Jaya and sumone unknown has offer to blanja us. We just agreed. Rugi xorder byk2..hehehe. He sits the same table as we are and borak2 some and i guess he’s lonely and all..

Balik rumah by bus.. I was so dizzy n nk muntah coz the driver drove insanely. Yaww..dahla minum air milo, mmg gile nk muntah tp ak tahan je…Plastik da siap2 da dalam my oversize bag.

Sunday just lazy maself at home…

Tiada gambar dlm entry ini..

Travelog 1 : Oman

I watched The Amazing Race this morning..which i missed last Thursday. ida n Tania (Malaysian Team were the 1st place). U go Ida! Hehehe..Eventually minat Ida lak..



The team pit stop is in Oman. I never know about Oman before but for what i’ve seen on telly, it was such a beautiful place. The place they went were Muscat and Wadi n whateva desert i dun remember. They got beautiful mosque, fort, desert and setting. What i like is the serenity and peace ajek.. I dun like hectic place actually.

Ok from what i google, Oman is locate between UAE and Saudi Arabia and Yemen also. Its by the Arabian Sean and Oman’s Gulf. Their main outsource is of coz the oil n gas thingy..and only populated of 3million . Oman has a deep and rich culture that extends back for thousands of years, embracing such popular legends as the stories of Sinbad the sailor Oh i wish to go there..

oman's in the arabs land


some fort oman have

some fort oman have

very quite n peaceful-i think

very quite n peaceful-i think

This travelog is shorter than i think…Aihhh will update when i have mood. My ‘get going’ influence had fluctuate ever since..


Tajuk macam agak serius bukan? Hmmm..sajer nk matang2…

In  my head macam banyakkkkk sangat planning. I think im going crazy if i think about all those too much.

xnk cerita disini kerana rahasia perempuan.

hahaha,teringt stu lagu indon yg kedengaran sangatlah lucah tp kna dgr betul2 sbb at the end bru reveal ape kemenda yg penyanyi tu maksudkan

” Ada satu bahgian pada perempuan yg sangatlah peka bila disentuh oleh lelaki

Dimanakah bahagian itu, mahukah kau tau

Karna bagian itu

Hanya untuk lelaki yang cukup umur

Karna bagian itu

Sungguh sangat bisa

Buat perempuan dimabuk kepayang, dimabuk asmara

Di manakah bagian itu?

Maukah kau tahu? “

Mati2 dlu ak ingt ni lagu luc…ah. Padahal dier citer pasal HATI ropanya.Cheh spoil tol. Hahahaha.

Yesterday YM with Aya ckp pasal thing that excite me the most…

Aih..komunikasi sangat penting sbb dr situ dapat tau true blue of ourselves

Kdg2 our communication vary dpends on situation, people we talked to and purposes. And kadang2 kan kalo kite communicate dgn sum1 tu kite feels good and i think that is the most important thing we seek in conversation.. feel good and u are driven by it.

Some question were asked bluntly

Is this the true me?

Or is this the other side of me?

or this is sumone i pretend to be?

But anyway i feels good and to hell with wht other feeling inside.hahahaha.

Pick of the day

fall_in_love_with_you_by_robeeeee1runnaway_bride_by_aisii benim_gizli_bir_bildigim_var_by_badraggled

p/s : i love potraits