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Last Saturday i went to 3 jampacked-shouldnt be there-place called themselves Low Yat Plaza, Sg . Wang Plaza and Times Square. I actually wanted to survey for my camera replacement. I previously had Olympus Fe-series which is so horrible i cant stand it(actually i held up to it for almost 1 and a half great years)..

I supposed to have only compact camera which is Nikon S210 after darn survey over the internet. it is pretty good quality compact actually. But after some drag and persuasion of the seller at Low yat (together with a cute face he had), my heart forced me to go for a DSLR. Ayyyy never came out onto my mind to have a huge giganto DSLR.

He suggest Sony Alpha (i couldnt find alpha symbol ere, damn) A200. I try it on my own hand and it really does the trick! I love it. He did a gewd jobbb..

Nikon D90 is soo freakinly adorable.The price tag exceed 4K. enuff said.

I ask for opinion to Isarah bcoz she once a photographer back at uni’s but she withstand with Nikon D-series which most pro go for. The price is quite astonishing. hahaha i couldnt afford it. As an amateur entry level like me who doesnt even know the function and how to snap or hold DSLR, my mind went momentarily blank. Ayyya what is Aperture, What P stand for, What lenses?

Ok the conclusion pemenangnya:

Sony Alpha A200 it is…clapclapclap.

my baby no.2

my baby no.2

The tough-provoking decision were strenghten with…..

true blue cert

true blue cert

Yeah it says Sony Alpha 200 deserve it boz low in price( what im lookin for).huhu.,great shot for newbie, got hi-end tech asoo, and thats all i tink. And the lens is from Konica Minolta the 1st ever lens maker so my prodigy dpends on it. heehehe.

So any reservation for any occasion? :-p

I have no time yet to explore the whole thingy. The seller said Sony held a monthly basis tutor class at KLCC. Great!-My another reason opt for Sony.

I have an aim to be a PRO …yawn

Opss my partner-on -the survey was Fafa. We had great times shopping too. All those RM10 thingy. I really culture-shocked kejap kt Times Square. I havent been to Times Square since school years i tink (yea ever since Roller Coaster ride with Wahida ) so…im pretty jakun once stepped onto the shops.

I sleepover at fafa’s place coz its pretty late. Takot sekarang with some crime happening around town.

We ate at Barra cafe. Nice place to hang around. The price is quite middle-range lah. Located at Pandan Prima near Tesco Ampang.

+ End +

p/s  : I wish to update my blog whenever i hav time..I have to be a good writer if not im doomed.


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