I havent think of the title yet, just rite away go down to write sumthing..Aihhh idupku agak bosan sekarang..mcm vain pn positive huda, positive,productive and



Td go tru newspaper nampk column Ratu ade my UTM prof, Prof Heli. She never taught me any chemistry subject actually but her hubby does, Prof Nazlan Muhid yang sangat baik hati

mensurprisekan student yang always think mereka tiada harapan untuk lulus tapi at the end dapat A.huahahaha. Prof Nazlan taught me 2 subs along in UTM- Consumer Chemistry (SEm

6) and Computer Application in Chemistry (sem 4). He’s joyous while teaching and sweating aso even ader air-cond.hahah. Tp x hairanlah sbb lecture hall kt DK C17 always aircon

breakdown. He’s very enthusiast over something which is great, leh rasa aura n he’s green, always storying bout green issue and the place he always goes shopping.( Siap edar2 pamplet

Isetan kt lecture hall). He said isetan were very concious bout green issue. jauh gk dier g shopping ea. 


Ok the title of prof Heli headlines were PAKAR KIMIA. Wah im so proud of her being throne as Woman of the Year or something by some organisation. Her project that i remember was

AeroGel. My academic advisor  Prof Wan Azlina were also high achiever as she always get some recognition overseas. 

Actually if u do well n have the real true passion over chemistry, u’ll do very well and being recognize. 




I actually use browser google Chrome.Its beautiful isnt it and easy to access as wht they say One box for all..yay

Yesterday i went to umah fafa (lagi).sbnarnya nk hantar selendang yg dibeli kt First Lady kajang. kt area pandan n ampang xder kot tdung yg cantik n murah cenggitu. Got beads all over

back. And we did try to wear tudung macam magazine Dara tryouts.hahahah. Borak2(macam la da lama xjumper kn..).Gosip2 n sorts..I think i story her evrything hahaha i dont think i

have any secrets to myself anymore yah.. We talk about zoo sbb i intend nk pegi zoo..sjer mengetest kehandalan mengfotografikan binatang. She went there before dgn her bf, Qary. She

said she wants so much to meet up dgn piggy tp xader.Hahaha.kelakar je nk g zoo jmpa piggy. Sbb she said whenever she think of piggy she think of me.What the heck..ape kaitan aku

dgn piggy pn xtaw. then i remember budak2 ne dlu ska pnggil aku “oink,oink”. bangla betol..The story behind is about my sengalness where…


+First year 1st sem – budak mentah bru masuk UTM

+Oh peraturan blok GO8 KRP dalam blok xleh pakai kasut, selipar bulu je dibenarkan.

+I went to Tmn U dgn saper tah xengat dah. Beli selipar bulu.Comel2.Bwa balik.

+Pakai2 tunjuk kt member2 satu aras how cute is my selipar bulu.

+Huahahahahaha- they laugh.

+I put a silly face asked why meh?

fafa kot : Ko beli binatang ape neh huda,ko perasan x?

Aku       : Bear la. Pink bear.

Nita kot : Ni babi la weh.. si piglet, kawan pooh tu.

Aku       : What???no its bear..i know.

Zue kot  : hahaha u wears a pig..its cute tho for u..Oink2

Aku       : Oh nooooo!

* I have to do sumthing to make it looks like a pink bear or less pig. Syuh how come i didnt realise its nose is quite elongated.Damn. here is what i did

1. I cut the piglets ear so it doesnt have pig ears… Result : they laugh,even funnier

2. I stitch the piglets nose so that it doesnt have pig nose…. Result : they still laugh

3. I throw the slipper away… Result : I dun have any laugh throw at me..peace!


Thts how they called me oink,oink.



from afar it does look like pnk bear isnt it?

from afar it does look like pink bear isnt it?

I miss uni days…+_+




2 responses to this post.

  1. if i remember correctly, u bought 4 me a donkey one… hahaha


  2. Posted by syue on December 1, 2010 at 8:12 am

    hahaha..time 2 aku xdenye beli yg bulu2..beli da most practical,hard tapak..sng nk bwk ke mn2


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