In terms of

I just forgot what i wanna write earlier. Seriously my short-term memory loss has come to an extent. To get the reading habit going, I bought my Readers Digest and some stunning quote notebooks that have a feasible size and i can carry it everywhere i go, jotting down ideas when it comes at flash so that i can battle this memory loss problem.

After work last Saturday i went to Jusco Maluri with fafa, she wanna buy his bf a gift for his birthday. She bought a set of belt and wallet by POLO. Sayang gile ek ko kt Qary..I wanna bought some but i wanna have something different, but idk what..

We have lunch at Jusco Food Court, i order dried chilli chic+sunny side up eggies+ toast bread+ milo whipped. Really hungry. Fafa just order nasi Ayam and Soy bean drink.

She pay on my behalf coz i dun have cash at all. Then afterwards she said its a blanja coz i help her on the halal ingredients database. thankss hoo..

The day before i go makan at mamaks at pandan Jaya and sumone unknown has offer to blanja us. We just agreed. Rugi xorder byk2..hehehe. He sits the same table as we are and borak2 some and i guess he’s lonely and all..

Balik rumah by bus.. I was so dizzy n nk muntah coz the driver drove insanely. Yaww..dahla minum air milo, mmg gile nk muntah tp ak tahan je…Plastik da siap2 da dalam my oversize bag.

Sunday just lazy maself at home…

Tiada gambar dlm entry ini..


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  1. Dear Huda,

    Peluang ni Huda – “sumone unknown” tu can be our prospect or my downline hehehe.


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