Travelog 1 : Oman

I watched The Amazing Race this morning..which i missed last Thursday. ida n Tania (Malaysian Team were the 1st place). U go Ida! Hehehe..Eventually minat Ida lak..



The team pit stop is in Oman. I never know about Oman before but for what i’ve seen on telly, it was such a beautiful place. The place they went were Muscat and Wadi n whateva desert i dun remember. They got beautiful mosque, fort, desert and setting. What i like is the serenity and peace ajek.. I dun like hectic place actually.

Ok from what i google, Oman is locate between UAE and Saudi Arabia and Yemen also. Its by the Arabian Sean and Oman’s Gulf. Their main outsource is of coz the oil n gas thingy..and only populated of 3million . Oman has a deep and rich culture that extends back for thousands of years, embracing such popular legends as the stories of Sinbad the sailor Oh i wish to go there..

oman's in the arabs land


some fort oman have

some fort oman have

very quite n peaceful-i think

very quite n peaceful-i think

This travelog is shorter than i think…Aihhh will update when i have mood. My ‘get going’ influence had fluctuate ever since..


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