Entry ini dibuat semata untuk kepuasan diri/motivasi…

Sebelum ni mumble kurang motivasi lah..xsemangat lah..huh alasan semata..

Aku learn yang motivasi tu paling kuat kalau datang dr diri kita sendiri, bukan atas dorongan orang lain. Yalah indeed others motivation memang helps tp slalunya bersifat temporary tp kalo it built within YOU, it stays longer and u can tune that.

Haih…(akward silence)

I dunno lately i became serious.

I watch Gossip Girl. I love it. Xpnah tgok pn b4 this..The OST is awesome. Only able to download 1 episode coz got interruption over IDM whatsoever..i watch it over n over

My boss talked about EPF percentage that the government offer 8% if we like. Dun they to like trap us all the time? Less saving means more income tax to pay afterwards..

Well, do u guys interested in saving? I had a GREAT deal to talk about. PM me if u interested.



call me!

comment will do also…

(aku x mempunyai topik yg spesifik,slalu menyimpang..aihh lantaklah)



mmg xda idea nk letak gambar ape tp nk letak jugak..

diambil dr lappie josly..syg gk kt mesia ingt syg saghawak jer

aku sayang malaysia.



p/s : Yuse take a leave today for video shoot-Shine In me. She got the top 10.guarantee 1K. Do vote for her next yah..



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