Amazing race rush has drives me of wanting the needs of going unnecessary journey, expecting it is some kind of the training i had if i were the contestant. Aihh im looking forward for a race like that. Im not so brilliant on the mind games but i can hit dare games or stamina(is it?)

     I asked aya if she wanna join for that ride, she’s busy.I did asked Ain i guez but time does not permit. Fafa, mcmla nak..she’s busy. Sape lagi ade kt KL ni yg boleh melayan ku? My former classmates..sibuk jer.Sume cam nk kawen jer.hahaha.aih aku je ke yg ade ladies rush.Kalo kt JB cm mybe got someone to layan me. Aihhh…

     The Amazing Race was won by the Hong Kong guys..Aihh so dissapointed i tot Ida n tania would had a chance of 0h-so-glory Joe Jer and Zabrina era. Okay maybe i was the one who could bag that position back. haha.

     I entered a race in uni days called Explorace but only revolves around the uni area only but it was soooo tiring. We (me. fafa, nita and alan) have this i-dunno-where-the-spirit-came-from thingy and just wooshh like that when the penganjur whilst the whistle. With no preparation, no practice, no warm-up, no opponent study, no yogi meditation (ops no yoga allowed accord to fatwa), no route aware, we just speed like crazy..

     Okay we had to only by foot going places all over UTM..if u happen to know UTM, it is sooo huge and the places were like all over. From the starting point which is Padang Kawat, had to go to P17, Library, Balai Cerap (where i had to crawl to get there, so pushing my limit), Arked meranti, KTHO, K11…i dun remember after tht.aihhh

    It was so tiring n after the race finish (we were the 3rd last i guez) still got energy to look up some gerai at Pesta KOnvo. After tht, went to room sleep all that, the pain was all over the body when i woke up next morning. I feel like a granny or half-paralysed person. Omg. No. Even when i get up from the bed, feel so painful , When i climb or down the stairs (My room in 1st floor) it was done one step at a time.

     That was the most painest(??) thing i ever did to my body. Awww u deserved it!


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  1. Posted by syue on December 1, 2010 at 8:02 am

    weh,jom join?aku penah suarakan pd adik aku dh lm dh..mlgnye die gelakkan aku..cis!


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