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i wanna be you

What word can replace this?

” Kakak, besar-besar nanti saya nk jadi macam akak lah”

Oh heart sank

talkative kiddo

talkative kiddo

 The kid above is not the one who said those things to me coz she wanted to be a nurse instead,, Hahaha biaserla dulu aku pn mau jg nurse kecik2 dulu..She offrered me her nasi kerabu made of batu, daun bunga , pasir and sorts.. Urghh she’s playing masak2..Very talkative kids and not afraid of strangers hoo..






Sleep-over at ZUe’s place


eggie story

eggie story


they love hugging each other and more

they love hugging each other and more

               After went out to Damansara, i decide to say Yes to Zue invite to sleepover at her place since her parents still in Makkah perform their Haj. I took aya at her house, went to Semenyih back to take some clothes and dropped Shikin then off we went to Wangsa Maju.. I brought ice-cream as teaser lah..then sampai around 11pm. After aya n me took a bath, then we makan nasik-Zue’s cook. She’s a goodcook indeed, her rice was as scrumptious as i dunno..soft and compell..hahahha what kinda description is that. My first impression on nasi makan berlauk is the rice..If the rice put tru ma throat is soft, a bit sticky, cute n sedap..then my appetite will boost tremendously. Hahaha. After ate, we gossiping and watch telly and Miss Universe were aired that time so we’re like picking each and see’s who will win. But anyway i was so sleepy and penat after drive for so long- crazy traffic today on Christmas Eve. I went to bed and they both keep on gossiping and story-telling things…

           The day after…we went to Umu’s place at Ukay Perdana. I still remember the route-oh my brain still working. Umu prepare the so-called-dessert with Green jello and creamy gravy with lychee+cocktail fruit. it was  tempting okay..we cannot stop eating until Umu had to put the Jello back to fridge.Hahhah ok that was tipu.

           It was great..After so long not seeing them..then i gotta chance..its all because im saying YES. Oh im so under influence of that movie. We can stop it already.

Definitely YES

       I watched Jim Carrey movie ‘Yes Man’ and it was super hilarious. Went to watch with Shikin Rashid at Cineleisure after some gift-hunting for Alin’s wedding this Sunday. Bought some cookware but i think i aint going to give her that..its so typical cheesy..i wanna be different for sure..ahahaha..but still dunno what to give..Saw some lanterns..i think i shud go for that…Aihhh im reviewing movie or what??

      Ok so i like the movie..Its worth a rm6 spent-on Shikin behalf..i forgot to pay her i start to hate this abbreviation ok)..kinda bugging me i dont know why..haahha..
I’m this type-of-movie. make me laugh till my jaw hurts and i dont have to think hardly why is this happening, why he walks away?, what happen previously or whatsoever..

     Altough Jim Carrey looks a bit old ere, he managed to do it with his spastic kinda face, some lesson at the end, love story that are sweet for me (the girl is soo cute her accent makes me whine haha)..Allison(the girl) is a jogging-photographer (how weird is that but its ok,the weirder, the more intrigued) and a lame-ass singer whose lyrics wasnt sym-harmonically and only got few decent notable spectator that she can recall their name easily. Hahaha..
I love Allison trench coat while they’re visiting Lincoln, Nebraska. Awww she made me wanna eat my heart out.



yes for everything




       Carl (Jim Carrey that is) try to pujuk this man to unfinish his will of going jump off the building and sang a song by Third Eye Blind-Jumper. It was fun..i can humm it on the cinema and some the viewer does. I would understandddd….


p.s : i think i’m a yes woman..Some of frens would verified it aite? I can hardly say no. Its not that i cant, its just i loves saying yes. Comply my heart..

quick updates

Im in a hotel..pretty corny/preach one that i stay for business trip a.k.a outstation. im soooo damn made so much thinking..owww pls stop it huda..u alredy whining before n u wanna repeat that all over againn? Im watching gossip girl..its cool tho i was just like soooo outback left 2seasons awfull hahahha.whatever. i saw maself on so dem lower part need to be working out..i dun have time to go photoshooting here in time man..after waking up at 7..go take brakfast blalalaa 12 off to the destination,set up a place for sales counter etc….dkt maghrib then went back to hotel..took bath and off to dinner..aihh so lame liao. i mean so freakinly said irrelevant things while YM with zue..hahhaha she’s the whole dem basket that i always throw things..but its fine aite…
Hahahha tomorow got work aso..Tuesday then i get back to KL. Intend of going JB but we’ll see..

I know I love me,

New LCD tv

My living room has a new member…

Panasonic LCD tv 32”

It was a impulse unplanned buying

Year-end sales so grab a purse and go..Hahah..

last time i checked, im a money-cautious person. What happen now hoo?

its not full hd tho..

cONT post : i hate blogs who got music automatically esp ones  that i cannot find the turn off button. If i wanna listen some song, i got my player oo..and its shockingly disturb the moment..rite awayyy

The picture speaks a thousand words

My weekend?

she think of somthing

she think of somthing

x'mas comingg

x'mas comingg

a glimpse on big screen

a glimpse on big screen

i went 4 it

artsy outing

new pal

new pal got home

Selamatmenyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha…

Patah katilku

Smlm melakukan gerak-kerja mengemas bilik.. Knape ye ade drive mengemas??Oh…Merajuk dgn parents sbb diorg nk tgok channel 121-Aruna cerita Titipan Ilahi while aku mau nonton Muzik2 Semis. So trus angkat kaki naik bilik n bru tpikir bilik ade telly wpon xda astro so still blh tgok tv3 lagik..

Tv dipasang tp nk dgr je so i start to kemas blik sbb semacam rimas dengan environment yg xterurus. Mula2 kemas files n paper kat atas meja, bawah meja..Byk gler paper yg ntahape2..aku asingkan. Clearkan study table and igt nk tukar bedsheet. Ade perasaan enggak enak..aku alihkan tilam, rupanya something wrong dgn kayu pengalas kati…dah patah! Ayyo.. Apakah aktiviti yg aku buat smpai pth..:P..Mmg xkuat la kayunya, aku dah brape kilo kan..dgn banyknye bantal.. Awww..Ayah terus amik kayu tu n nk mula bertukang esok..

Mauk ke Galeri Petronas sbb ade exhibition pasal potrait..I love potraits..

News headline today- 4 ppl dead and 15 injured at Bukit Antarabangsa of erosion. Pretty rapid occurance aite? Yesterday i only heard of the landslide near Jln Semantan, Damansara. It makes me super-worry of sumthing.+____+. My boss also had just purchased an apartment up hill of Bukit Antarabangsa. The risk is huge tho…