Where can i find good-tasteful fabrics? Aihhh i only look at cheap place of coz they dun have aite? Need to survey at EuroModa or Gulatis or stuff. Wekkk.. Need to look for a very transparent cloth that has some zenny-abstract-folklore-vintage pattern. I got projects on my own..

This Wednesday got MAKUM festival or something.. Its a Zapin festival and UTM participate too. Im really looking forward to go there, UPM onny. Aihhh got to meet up Amey ke Syue ke…Aihhh so emo… After work need to go to Serdang discussing, macam nk g Jusco Cheras Selatan tuuu sbb kt buletin Syue cakap die keje part-time ctu cam sajer nk terjah kunun2. hahah dah xder keje sangt agknye..


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