Bio-Oil review

I bought this scar treatment from Watson few days back. Saw this one at Tesco Ampang but use wait-and-see approach. Actually my first glance of Bio-Oil was on the newspaper highlighting it as No.1 Selling Scar, Stretch Mark Treatment in UK so i’m sorta intrigued by it.

I got some scars on feet and some place (why im exposing this???). Well yeah i got some unfortunate events in my life blame the motor/bike accident, hot object such as hot water, exhaust etc..Some kinda wild kids back then..

While in Matriculation, my prac mate, Ja asked me to used Mederma but she said it takes longer time to show some results. I nodded, waaaa it takes so much time to heal than to get the scar.

cure tonic

cure tonic


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  1. Hi darling Huda,

    Why don’t you try IgG Plus or Bio-Young Smart Naco and at the same time you can apply the Superclay mask and/or Gamat Gel everyday. The mask is not only suitable for face but it is also can be used at any part of the body such as, feet, armpit, dot dot dot and etc … etc.

    The result is not that fast but SN products are save to use.


  2. I knew all bout d incident of da hot water… huahahahaha


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