quick updates

Im in a hotel..pretty corny/preach one that i stay for business trip a.k.a outstation. im soooo damn made so much thinking..owww pls stop it huda..u alredy whining before n u wanna repeat that all over againn? Im watching gossip girl..its cool tho i was just like soooo outback left 2seasons ..so awfull hahahha.whatever. i saw maself on mirror..im so dem fat..my lower part need to be working out..i dun have time to go photoshooting here in kangar..no time man..after waking up at 7..go take brakfast blalalaa 12 off to the destination,set up a place for sales counter etc….dkt maghrib then went back to hotel..took bath and off to dinner..aihh so lame liao. i mean me.hahhahaha..im so freakinly said irrelevant things while YM with zue..hahhaha she’s the whole dem basket that i always throw things..but its fine aite…
Hahahha tomorow got work aso..Tuesday then i get back to KL. Intend of going JB but we’ll see..

I know I love me,


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