Definitely YES

       I watched Jim Carrey movie ‘Yes Man’ and it was super hilarious. Went to watch with Shikin Rashid at Cineleisure after some gift-hunting for Alin’s wedding this Sunday. Bought some cookware but i think i aint going to give her that..its so typical cheesy..i wanna be different for sure..ahahaha..but still dunno what to give..Saw some lanterns..i think i shud go for that…Aihhh im reviewing movie or what??

      Ok so i like the movie..Its worth a rm6 spent-on Shikin behalf..i forgot to pay her i start to hate this abbreviation ok)..kinda bugging me i dont know why..haahha..
I’m this type-of-movie. make me laugh till my jaw hurts and i dont have to think hardly why is this happening, why he walks away?, what happen previously or whatsoever..

     Altough Jim Carrey looks a bit old ere, he managed to do it with his spastic kinda face, some lesson at the end, love story that are sweet for me (the girl is soo cute her accent makes me whine haha)..Allison(the girl) is a jogging-photographer (how weird is that but its ok,the weirder, the more intrigued) and a lame-ass singer whose lyrics wasnt sym-harmonically and only got few decent notable spectator that she can recall their name easily. Hahaha..
I love Allison trench coat while they’re visiting Lincoln, Nebraska. Awww she made me wanna eat my heart out.



yes for everything




       Carl (Jim Carrey that is) try to pujuk this man to unfinish his will of going jump off the building and sang a song by Third Eye Blind-Jumper. It was fun..i can humm it on the cinema and some the viewer does. I would understandddd….


p.s : i think i’m a yes woman..Some of frens would verified it aite? I can hardly say no. Its not that i cant, its just i loves saying yes. Comply my heart..


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  1. I am amazed with it. It is a good thing for my research. Thanks


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