Sleep-over at ZUe’s place


eggie story

eggie story


they love hugging each other and more

they love hugging each other and more

               After went out to Damansara, i decide to say Yes to Zue invite to sleepover at her place since her parents still in Makkah perform their Haj. I took aya at her house, went to Semenyih back to take some clothes and dropped Shikin then off we went to Wangsa Maju.. I brought ice-cream as teaser lah..then sampai around 11pm. After aya n me took a bath, then we makan nasik-Zue’s cook. She’s a goodcook indeed, her rice was as scrumptious as i dunno..soft and compell..hahahha what kinda description is that. My first impression on nasi makan berlauk is the rice..If the rice put tru ma throat is soft, a bit sticky, cute n sedap..then my appetite will boost tremendously. Hahaha. After ate, we gossiping and watch telly and Miss Universe were aired that time so we’re like picking each and see’s who will win. But anyway i was so sleepy and penat after drive for so long- crazy traffic today on Christmas Eve. I went to bed and they both keep on gossiping and story-telling things…

           The day after…we went to Umu’s place at Ukay Perdana. I still remember the route-oh my brain still working. Umu prepare the so-called-dessert with Green jello and creamy gravy with lychee+cocktail fruit. it was  tempting okay..we cannot stop eating until Umu had to put the Jello back to fridge.Hahhah ok that was tipu.

           It was great..After so long not seeing them..then i gotta chance..its all because im saying YES. Oh im so under influence of that movie. We can stop it already.


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