6 piece

6 piece

It was a surprise gift for my former PA( Penasihat akademik/Academic Advisor) Dr Wan Azlina.. Just suddenly felt like i should do something memorable..hikhik..Yalah instead of just receiving things why dont give? I havent given much society,family,friends…i think so..Even if i did, i dont think its enough.

‘Making a contribution to the lives of other people may help extend our own lives,’ said University of Michigan psychologist and lead author Stephanie Brown, whose work will appear in the journal Psychological Science.

In other words … it isn’t what we get from relationships that makes contact with others so beneficial; it’s what we give.’

– myDr, CMPMedica Australia

More things coming up!

p.s : I have some shuu spirit again..thankx

p.p.s : Movie marathon aint going nowhere

p.p.p.s : Outstation 14-20 Feb 2009 to North, PTD exam 21 feb 2009..I do not prepare anything at all for the time being


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