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tico berries

Last night on 8tv i watched Ugly Betty. I actually alredy watched it over DVD’s  but my concern is about the episode “Ugly berry”..

It was Betty’s idea on fruit article when she finds out that Adriana Lima loves that super-rare fruit tico berries and it is somekind of her secret beneath the beauty. At first glance i saw it, it was rambutan but after Adriana Lima done the photoshoot..well it is rambutan. How come they called it tico berry. Wahh sounds so exotic hoo..and it from brazil?I thought it only from Southeast Asia region and some part of Panama, costa rica ad nicaragua.


there u go my berries

there u go my berries



p/s : rambutan membuatkan anda batuk



Smlm semasa menunggu bas, terdengar dialog budak-budak ni

A  : Mak aku belikan sekotak choki-choki rm10 je, ada 10 peket

B  : Eh…untung lah..kalo beli satu peket rm1.30

A  : aah beli kat kedai borong

ramai org suka choki-choki ye. Skrg dah ada flavor milk stripes

Song of the day : Halo-Beyonce Knowles

p/s : Tak minum isteri marah-tagline Kopi janggut. Hape punya tagline..bukan-bukan je. Otak jangan kotor.

p/s/s : ni mmg entry xda motif

Gift from JB

I got a new perfume.


nice box

nice box

 Long time ago release and its summer perfume..mcm tak sesuai lah. new release of this summer Ocean Lounge. OK lah tp saya xgemar summer perfume so xmungkin akan beli. 

But i want this so badly


incredible meescada

incredible me

Sama macam MissSixty saya dulu. best..30ml MYR150 dapat voucher MYR20 from parkson..urghh. tiada boleh beli lagi lah..



p/s : saya suka perfume tapi selalu lupa pakai.mcmana tu?

Emotions taking me over

Saya menangis mentengok movie lately ini..Ntahla..baru2 ni je..yang paling teruk n dashyat sekali adalah time tengok filem ini



nasib baik duduk depan..leh nangis teruk2

 Owen Wilson cam charming je dalam movie ni..Nangis secara banyak time Marley sakit and last day on earth.Dlm theathre ramai jgk sob..sob…

 Kemudian menangis ala kadar tgok cerita ini. Time before bapanya chun-li kene krekk leher. dad to daughter last words..ohhh tharu sungguh


mmg something wrong with me

mmg something wrong with me

 Lagi..yang ni sedih time nak bye-bye opett. Opett tu kelakar, dia mcm ckp jepun.


mix-up feeling movie

mix-up feeling movie

 Ok..adakah saya akan menangis mentengok Dragonball nanti?

Mari menbetting..Hoihh haram

p/s : mari ke PD esok..menswimming dan jalan2 backpacking (sbb pakai backpack). naik bus dr pudu-seremban.di seremban si manis onie onizuka(ape pnya nama) akan hambik

Sing by the means Agnes Monica?


She’s damn cute. Mix up of Chinese and Indons i guess. lately i read on some other blogs that her latest single is confusing. I also went to  to download some song and bump into her song title. I was like ” eh, bukan dia ni kristian ke?..Ke dah convert?Ke sbenarnya dia nk ckp Alahhh(long sigh)”


xperlu pakai pants utk nyanyi lagu ketuhanan

xperlu pakai pants utk nyanyi lagu ketuhanan



Allah Peduli – Agnes Monica

Banyak perkara yang tak dapat ku mengerti
Mengapakah harus terjadi
Di dalam kehidupan ini
Suatu perkara yang
ku simpan dalam hati
Tiada satupun kan terjadi tanpa Allah perduli

Allah mengerti
Allah peduli
Segala persoalan yg kita hadapi
Tak akan pernah di biarkanya ku bergumul sendiri
Sbab Allah mengerti

Allah mengerti
Allah peduli
Segala persoalan yg kita hadapi
Tak akan pernah di biarkanya ku bergumul sendiri
Sbab Allah Yesus ku

Emmm dengarnya in Indonesia, using Allah to symbolise their god is okay.. Wow that is like too far. There’s no control of using such words. We know how much Allah s.w.t means to muslims as our one and only god.

Fikir2kan dan selamat beramal..

p/s : Shik xsuka ustaz dalam tuh

Maybank2u phising site

I heard about it long time ago..Even in m2u website also got notification that dun be trap in phising site and never login via email links. I got an email. THis man lost his savings into this phising scam. Well there is thing you must overlook to make sure its not a phising site

1. Do not login via any links. Just type in ur browser. jangan malas

2. make sure after you click login button theres a yellow tab and its https:// instead of http://. extra s means secured. and look for the padlock icon on the right


3. if receive any mail like this, ignore




Sudahla address pn bukan maybank2u..mestilah penipuan bukan. dia guna mana mungkin lah domain maybank camtu.

So be careful and educate urself/alert more on internet-fraud cases.

IT-Savvy consumer can saved life. Ecehh

Book hunt

Ok setelah ke Times bookstore Pavillion, telah tergerak hati mau beli buku tp confuse nk pilih mana satu. paling senang tengok best-seller lah bukan?Disebabkan im not soo bookworm so nk pilih yang light n easy and life story+motivational. I search over internet and my listing is humunguos from 17 to…

1. Three cups of tea by Grey Mortenson & David Oliver Rein

2. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

3. Dress your family in corduroy & denim by David Sedary

4. Sex, drugs and cocoa puffs by Chuck Klosterman

OK i narrow down the options..senang

I also order some health books from ReaderDigest. The title is Food That Heals. i will review it when it already deliver.

Oh i was searching for this book..because i read halfway and it lost suddenly (campus life back then is like that)

Life with a travelling spouse by Kate Goggin

I got the book from a 2nd hand book collector at Langkawi while i was a part-time there once. It was supposely to be sell but i just took it because my sister is tokey. hahaha .oh i once a 2nd hand book seller at the college open days but my book title not good enough back then.. hey.. i wanna be book seller again!


book recommend by Oprah but i dun have any gut of reading this..Heavy ohh

book recommend by Oprah but i dun have any gut of reading this..Heavy ohh

 p/s : Micheal Kors ade watches-line..ooohh baru tauu. igt fragrance je