Its been a month since i last wrote in here..Soo out of idea. I always try to open wordpress and compose new entry but fail everytime…haih..lack of vit.B12 i guess. Lack in vit.B12 can leads to serious error in y’all. I also just notice this when my HOD ask and quizz about it. Sounds very simple at first place, I would say lacking of it would distort the healthy red blood cell production. Well sometimes you think u take all those A-Z supplement but still feel tired,no energy, pale face. Thats because of vitB12 lah.. It does more than that. Ok at another sign is that your hair will fall easily, got muscle cramps/pain and your blood profile wont be good. Later , if  this condition continues, it will lead to ineffectiveness of brain function( neurological dysfunction) that will cause senile later in golden age. Sometimes they talk to themselves. It is because nutrient cannot be transported by neuro so mind cannot control over brain.

Hmmmm…at last i put something useful to be shared.. 🙂

Ohh theres a new tagline i heard..You are what you absorb. The ‘You are what you eat’ is no longer applicable this time. make sense eh? You eat all those fruits n veggie n organics but your organ function is burdened/over-work/not working properly due to sluggish/intoxicated/dirt over years. So the keypoint is to overlook of organ function rather than dumping your body with supplement that will burdened your organ activity. We never know what happenings  inside. Take good care of your organ


anyway martha stewart pnya theme cuppies soo nice. i love her. creative/money maker woman

anyway martha stewart pnya theme cuppies soo nice. i love her. creative/money maker woman and i love these gotmilk ad.err milk pn got b12 but read the labels, not all brands.


Song of the day : Tragedy-Bee Gees

Book of the day : The Secret-Rhonda Byrne

Outfit of the day : Georgette kurung. Pink,Black and Red theme




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