Bangun awal pagi membuka pintu rezeki…yeah i believe that.

Today i woke up at 6 bcause need to hurry.Went to Pandan Jaya got things to settle. Things finish at 9. Bought a few newspaper.See tru the new cabinet under Najib’s.Stopped by at Kangkung bought few cut-fruits : Papaya/mango/pineapples (bromelin) for my beta carotene & vitamin C & papain source. went to office at 9.30am. Awal gila. Only Mr Ben went in office. Mix up the Raw Honey and drank with hot water. Took 3 dates for energy booster and carbos.Ohh i only ate prawn mee  and hot lime for my lunch. Ohhh i feel so healthy.

Wait until tonite.

Carls Jr maybe ruling over me

Need to go to Jln Templer to return the p1 wimax modem. gila kt rumah no coverage..i tot they r super duper canggeh.Google over estimate 18.1km to be 24mins from my office,maluri.hehe we’ll see. intend to meet Aya n hv a movie..kan best kalo keje 5 days aweek..then friday night wud be soo damn lovely.

p/s : i love u google nyampah gk kalo kasi route byk gi highway toll..kasi la short cuts..apela


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