Gone going gone

            Yesterday i did a spring cleaning to the house. Its so messed up with junkies. I separated the recycle things and put it in a black garbage bag..Still in my car..I cannot find the bins.. Damn Semenyih..hihihi..google over kpkt.gov to locate the bins but i cannot see any..During those cleaning i found 1 box full of books.My uni books..all those chemistry, management, atkins book, some novel i never read, my treasure diary..i mis y’all. After mandi all that..i read some excerpts and found ohmygosh i had fun during my uni years..theres love,hatred,unjust,joy feelings mixed up inside a tiny diary..i also remember how good my writing were back then..because i deal with so much people, so much emotions and situation. Right now its just plain..

Shik text me : Byk warehouse sales kt KL dis week

me : Yeke..Xmola.Warehouse sales mcm bundle je..or last stock..or oversize

psst..mcmla xpnah beli baju bundle.:p

          I did bought bundles during my uni days. At that time i got this things to settle at SPACE UTM near Tmn U..maybe regards degre ++ thingy. After settle..went downstairs walk n about..bump into bundles while waiting others. Me n Shik needs a cloths for our so-called FS dinner..Went in bundles which is only beside the building..It was heaven that time i think..cause got some tasteful fabrics by designers..and it was so cheap.

      I had this Morgan geometric bnw dress in polyester rm10 (Gila kena api abis tbakar cepat)..Floral bnw blazer by Joan allen Rm10 (tp tangan pendek) n bling2 transparent singlets Rm5 no label..ok i ended up not wearing those so much..once ocassion each onlylah.then buhbye.gone going.




p/s : Krispy Kreme is about to open their first outlet in Malaysia namely in Times Square on 27th. 1st customer tu rush over on the opening day get a GOLDEN tickets which entitled to have a whole damn years of Krispy Kreme supplies.Oh god..But no worries..2nd customer also got a scruptious doughnut supplies but only 6month (but its enough to fill u up with lotsa calories, sugar etc). 3rd place won bronze ticket= 3months supply.Hey dont fret, 4th-100th also got 1month supply. 101th to 400th get a mug..Wow i think im gonna rush over to BTS..maybe took half day leave? Thats insane. 

p/p/s : Gone Going by B.E.P is a nice one

p/p/p/s : The Freedom Writers is such an eye-opener. I used to read Anne Frank.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Huh. Cpt2 pegi for d donut thingy. Pastu belanje aku donuts. Hahaha. I always got a thing wif donuts.

    dior pn ade warehouse sale gak. aku tgh try cucuk mama aku suro pegi. Hehe


  2. Posted by nughol on April 14, 2009 at 2:58 am

    hahha..got what kinda thing wit donut?? sounds scary

    mama ko g dia beli utk dia je la..huu


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