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lady power



Tips to for money saving by Suze Orman which I saw last night on Oprah

1. Make sure your money is safe. Protected by PIDM in Malaysia.

2. pay ur credit card bill first

3. Take an insurance-health coverage

4. Keep contributing to EPF

5. Dont spend on what u cannot afford <—–This is what Suze always stress about to all people out there

After I watched the show few months ago..I realised that I really cannot afford to buy my car Im having right now. What I can afford is that 2nd had car that cost 20k maybe..That would be my actual budget. Then..I gasp woww I jumped in some mistakes without realising it. Well theres more actually..My DSLR..those LCDs..I honestly do not afford it if i do the calculation.

The house? jangan harap la..Let the emergency saving fullfilled then I can think of another thing. Suze said if u do not have at least 6 times current salary in a saving account, then do not dare to quit job..Then another thing..


Means sometimes u have to side away the money factor and prioritize on human needs such as security. Theres the case where this woman, lets called her Maria.Ok she’s a nurse and works on night shift in a middle of winter where snow can bult up to multiple feet and its hard to went tru using normalcompact car. She wants to buy 4wd. Can she?Financially she is a bit uptight but because of PEOPLE FIRST,MONEY SECOND thingy she can eliminate those financial problem n go for it. Only opt for 2nd hand4wd car.

Err.thats all for the financial section hulaa

p/s: I think of Confession of a Shopaholic Isla FIsher cos she suddenly wrote financial-so-called column. Love that movie. Fun to watch.


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  1. emangnya kamu sekarang kerja apain? kok udah semacem akauntan segala.

    ko ni buat aku spiking london tau,ahaha


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