And so the show ended..

can u get enough of reality show?

can u get enough of reality show?

I unintentionally suddenly bump into Channel V show ” Stylista” under same production as ANTM. It was awesome! Well 1stly because its all about magazine moghul ELLE and what it takes to become a part of ELLE team. Winner get a chance to held Jr.Editor position in ELLE for a year, an apartment during the contract and the H&M garment voucher or something..That was the coooolest job ever! ( I incidently bought H&M singlets at Reject Shop). PERKbuzz : H&M stands for Hennes&Mauritz and is a Swedish clothing line.

But not everyone wanted to jump into hot seat of editorial line/publishing. Frankly speaking, I do have that secret wish. Having my own column to write about stuff. Maybe something not-to-directive but appeal to readers and having feedbacks and I communicate with them. I start to have that sort of thinking when I was 17? I read a lot of The Star newspaper especially Sunday Star. Most of my assignments were influenced by their style of writing, presenting and groove. The NIE (Newspaper In Education) helps me a lot in my English and Science subject. I begin to think differently and creatively. I heart u The Star. Chehh tetibe..Errr my teacher Sir.Zainal also indirectly made me loves English class. I love literature back then..Recently the show” Are u Smarter than a 5th grader” had those question in 5th grade literature. The q is ……” Who is the author of the poem Road Not Taken?”….I quickly answer Roald Dahl..Omaigod i dunno why Im soo pathetically confidence telling that in front of my dad and mom.. Chehh nti ayah aku bangga anak dia tau jawapan soklan tuhh..kembangg..Guess what is the answer…Robert Frost!..Boleh x…So I proved myself  Im not smarter than a 5th grader..lalallala..Sir Zainal jgn frust dgn student ini.p/s : Bile Malaysia nk ceduk show ni..Indon pn dah ade.. Vietnam pun dgn tajuk Ai Thông Minh Hơn Học Sinh Lớp 5? Camno nk sebut tuh..aku tau nombor 5 jek..haha

which one to take

which one to take

Seriously palotak terpikir gambar ni bile Road Not Taken

Ok real story is about Stylista kan.. Ok the winner is Johanna, the former military analyst. Wee that is great..It proves that u dont have to had a proper on-paper-qualification to only takes passionate and depth love..She starts a blog which is perlu ke sebegitu panjang url dia..n write about fashion which is her actual soul passion. GOSSIPbuzz : Johanna is currently dating Alec Baldwin of 30’s Rock! Omg what an additional perk..

p/s : I found cool online tv show/movie… wow tgok gossip girl smpai nk muntah..I think i already got GG rhymes..haha..msg tones pn use that Kirsten Bell voice over.

GOSSIPbuzz : In real life, Jessica Abrams dating Chuck Bass and Serena dates..guess who..Dan of couse.

Ive just realized I love gossip and i know so much about them..


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