XMN 1119 : X-Men

That is the subject code for X-men siap 1119 mcm familiar..Im going to start studying about X-Men history …haaahaha so Lame! Just now went to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine..ok im not a Marvel or any comic fan and i never watch the previous movie of X-Men which include Halle berry tu.. So sgt biol whenever Yus start explaining something..She went like..Ohh thats Gambit..Oww itu Cyclops..ko igt x..ohoww Prof.X..Aku? nodded haik haik..padahall..

Gila banyak character X-Men ber team2 lak die..Baru nk  study..xjadi ahh..Xkose aku

japp nk gak tulis pasal character yg nama best n involved dalam X-Men Origins neh

1. Wolverine-xkn xtau

2. Cyclops-has the power to emit beams of energy from his eyes

3. Emma Frost-mutant psion of enormous telepathic ability and is also capable of transforming into an organic diamond state with enhanced strength and durability which suppresses her telepathy.

4. Agent Zero- hurmm by yummy Daniel Henny.Villian. Died

5. Kestrel- by will.i.am got this teleport thing mcm Hiro Nakamura. Died.


Penat ahh..bukan msuk exam PTD pon..



Gambit adalah heroic

huh..shoot me2

huh..shoot me2

Agent Zero kau sgt gagah bile main tembak2 tu

ok tu saje


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