Final concert AF-by means of my personal eyeballs

Akademi Fantasia put up the shutters last Saturday by claiming Hafiz as the winner, continue the legacy of AF phenomena. I was at Stadium Putra courtesy of Aya. She got free tickets for Upper Tier seating. Her brother got it from somewhere la I dunno as long as it free then ok.

Frankly speaking I was the big time AF fan but I must say this…Akim you overwhelm me for the first time. really ah? Oh yes of couse. I never put up my phone and start to type AFUNDI AKIM. Waaa ko mmg hebat Akim! Ok lets review them one by one

ISMA- not my cup of tea because she does not shine and gives impact

AKIM-My god..I only wish that during he perform Bencinta he does not wear clothes/tear-off his cloth after the 2 lady break free his ties. it was dramatic, sexy and conceptual. Same as faizal tahir performance during AJL (remember those changing up clothes, hair trimming thingy?). He suits FT(tetibe ade short form,mcm JT) songs like wonder! His tailored-made song Bengang also suit him well and it somehow relates to FT song “Sampai Syurga”. I dunno. It keeps circling my head that time. What I like bout him is that he loves camera n camera loves him for sure. The interaction with camera is important to make audience at home feel connected with the performance. Akim did it briliantly. His body gesture also great, he once Zapin dancer back in primary school. I adore Zapin dancers because that dance is to me..artistic, conceiving, body-flow movement. I also get a chance to dance Zapin when I was in UTM representing my college.(ok outta topic). Well for sure he has good looks and great concert hauled. Suara sedap xpenting-bak kata Adlin. I think Adlin must have been captivated by Akim performance that night. His comment were really building up Akim reputation.

70429596photo kredit to

HAFIZ- His original song was indeed great to listen to but I dont really like his show that night. It does not dazzles as a champion-quality honestly. No sparks and intriguity. Only his supporter shouting n screaming while he perform. Well obviously  he already stable regards of the voting before this. He was a consistent student with an excellent vocal but I guess consistent arent enough when there is star-class-on-his-own  student around.

ARIL-this guy is freaking energetic. You can count on him with stunts and out-of-ordinary show. Good tone also but i fond of Akim husky voice more. Good feelings n emotions. he’s kinda cute summore. he has this star class and suits KRU kinda team. They alredy offer him rite..

YAZID-I think he’s funny in person but really blunt up at stage. When I was there(Stadium Putra), I understand the feeling of being nervous on stage. His song Yaya Papa? is great and easy listening. maybe can topped up the chart someday. But cannot be champion ah..Still missing some link.

Maybe I looked biased on Akim bcoz a lenghty explaination..hahaha. I love his persona.18years old Akim? You can go further n play with conceptual thingy as said by Adlin, then u’ll survive..and create your own benchmark.

Akim+Aril+Tomok = new age trio that ppl must watch out

p/s : Pic will be upload soon-my cabel went missing


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