..and i thought i could be a superwoman

Its been so long since i wrote into this blog. I’ve been kinda busy. I never been this hectic since like…..never. I constantly pushed my limits. With this kinda life, i dont thik i could lived up to 100’s..Aihhh i’ve just calculate my lifespan on FB sorta quiz and i could ever lived till 70+? What a nightmare. I realy want to experienced life and do good deeds before i leave this world.

Aihh..emo pulak….

Still editing pics..i got soooo many pending picture to be edited! I shouldnt have promise people lah..Ahh things could be solved if i ever have super Mac. Hishh wanting that soo damn much. If Mac were around, i’ll be totally fast and genious.hahaha..ppl love me even more coz i could pass pic sooner.

ESEN also in a crucial time! I’ve do evrrything i can..Ops no stories of ESEN here..Btw, have a look at www.esen.com.my. By supporting ESEN, u’ll be supporting me indirectly!

Meeting tomorrow @ office and prepare for my portfolio regards my freelance.hiks!

So many things happen and i dun get a chance to post here, pity u wordpress.:p

Start to join forum at photoskool.net again for soo long xjenguk. Aishh bersawang A200 ko huda!

My recent holiday trip



p/s : Convoy wit savoc ws nothing bad at all!! 🙂


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