My neck hurts..

The only seat left was the 1st 3 rows front the front screen. I hasnt watching movies for like..a month. After went to Abg fareed kenduri at bangi and no one to pick me up at Kajang since Zu who first fetch me wanted to go somewhere else, I called Shikin to went out and catch some movies. I’ve been crying for stupid reason whole night and morning.Gila.

JJ Cheras Selatan. The movies available to the near timing : Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

So I did buy.

Went downstairs to JJ. Bought american sausage-its huge,im afraid ppl would see me strangely like im so lure of cock. Haha. 2 marigold yourgurt-the cheapest of all yourgurt fams.1 chicken drumet rm1.80.Soo cheap maa and HL milk-my recent obsession.

Sitting in front cause my neck hurt n i kinda cant focus on whats going on the screen as i dont know which one should i see 1st and what the sequence. Ok so i totally can reckons myself as an indie movie critics..haha. My review as a whole to Transformer is that:

  • I do not have special interest to watch Transformer even on their 1st release 2 years back. people was so crazy and nominate it as the Best Movie Ever Produce..whatthe..Eh..this is not point no 1..
  • I cant accept the fact that a robot can speak in English. I was expecting they just murmured with weird sounds n language. Bumblebee is more like a real robot to me. Even if they r soo genius, why English, why not french, Arabs..Oh its because its US-produced movie..:O
  • The plot is soooo expectedly corny and irrelevant sometimes. The corny part that I remembered was when 2 autobots fighting each other in front of the chamber somewhere in Egypt after Sam and the gang frustly thought that was where the matrix key. After the autobots fight and bams into the chamber, then there was it..the matrix was there..Could they think of some other plots for Sam to discover that key???
  • When Devestator is sucking in all of his surroundings into his machine mouth he sucks everything even the trucks, cars but not those humans Leo and agent Simmon. Maybe they just suck metal-like.
  • Sam’s mother eating druggie brownies is some plot that shouldnt be insert. Waste of time. They think people will laugh out loud of that??
  • Mikaela shot of  airbrushing the bike is unnecessary. Alas, i dont think that is the right way to paint that. Cant she just stand or sit straight?Its just a sex appeal .
  • Lovey-dovey plot..a whole lots of kids watching the movie that time..Its not approriate. come the ticket guy allows children under 12 to enter the cinema? its PG-13 isnt it?
  • Leo character isnt good/effective enough to be laugh about..
  • The script is horrible
  • So many wasting time scene..since Sam supposed to save the world, why do that??
  • DO not bring girlfriend to the battlefield…It is soo menyusahkan no matter how hot she might be.

aiyahh…enough la. actually i’m not a Transformer-fiction like fans.. I love reality. Then..why watchhh nughol?


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