Tayang make-up

kak red n me@ esen mini launch

kak red n me@ esen mini launch


makeup by Zaiton from Nurol Shukur Touch

Its finally end..I’m so stressed out of 10th July date..By the way, i love my make-up..This is a major crack towards this face..Haha.Gila best n everlast wohhh. Zaiton i love uu. Im gonna get those eyebrow mascara u’re telling me! The lips color was fantastic..Forgot to ask what color u put onto my lips..

Kak Red jahat ok..cakap aku pregnant..Taula gemukk..Hishh.She even ask me to check out some slimming programmes. malu..aku belum kawin lg pun..kak red dah anak 2..fyi,kak red is one of female’s famous blogger and her hits over whooping 2million if im not mistaken.I invite her to cover Esen mini launch event but somehow someone throws surprise party at Bora Ombak also to her. Anyhow we managed to meet up..Merciii..

More pics coming up from our photographer Cipoi, Su, Ihsan and many more..


Tomorrow’s a big dayyy.Decision has to be made!


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