Mister Potter

I just had to do this review…T____T

My first time of watching Harry potter movie on big screen.

Dissapoint sungguh..

My favorite is the 3rd one I guess..where there’s some competition, Robert Pattison in it.Cedric Diggory.oh Goblet of Fire!

Ok whats with Half Blood Prince? I dont read the books so im kinda eager to know whats behind the title and the potion book Harry’s using. The narrative part wasnt done properly. And the action scene is quite little. Harry’s character was not the highlight, Ron is..

Oh I cried when the Death Eaters killed Dumbledore. Hey an old man got slayed by a bunch of annoying group of creature, at least I show my symphathy.:P..I also scream like hellaa when Harry n Dumbledore went to this cave and looking for some Voldemort 7 thing Horcrux, when he wanted to take some water from the river, and there’s a hand grabbing his..Hahaha it was nothing to scream about but anyhow….Ok the hand-grabber creature also was soo jerking, looks like Gollum in LOTR.

Selalu Ummu yg akan story to me the real thing about Harry Potter. She’ll went mad when I asked too much and spoil her excitement to watch DVD version back in UTM. Ain aku xnk tnya lebih2 nti dia moody..Hahaha

ain + aya

ain + aya

nughol + kin

nughol + kin

Those  were the team who went to Sunday outing..Haha awal gile kuar 9am. I ate at Vivo whilst AinAya ate at Sweetchat the desert place.. Im soo envy..They ate Mango Mountain which is sooooo damn delishhimous.
I’ve just ate Pau Muar which is soo good when i spot  Telor Puyuh in it..yummy..but eating 4 buns making me wanted to vomit already..Xsempat ambik gmbar, but its a bit lembik compare to normal fluffy pau. Its more traditional lah, the texture is more like kuih apam putih dalam loyang itu.

Puasa ganti this week.Gila kan. Perangaiiii….xubah2.

Solar eclipse today. Shud pray Dhuha tadi..


3 responses to this post.

  1. wah. mmg aku emo bile ckp psal harry potter… frust!!!!

    yum yum… mango mountain yg teramat yummy… hehe.. ptt amek gambar dlu be4 mkn…

    the ‘hand-grabber creature’ is called inferi (bewitched), yg semmgnye mcm gollum.. sengal tol… xde idea nk create other creatures ke?

    ok aku emo semule… hahaha

    harry potter book 7 split into 2 movies. hopefully this time aku xla emo lg… hahaha


  2. Posted by nughol on July 24, 2009 at 7:12 am

    Emo lak..hahaha
    xpe2 leh g tgok balik HP lama2 utk menghiburkan hati
    Inferi? comel nama dia
    ehh HP last skali 8 ehh?


    • no no.. last book no 7, the deathly hollows. tp diorg buat 2 movies for this book, part 1 n 2… hehe.. kalo btol ape aku bace, part 1 in dec, 2010, part 2 in july 2011..


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