I got BIGG plans with my partner..Hahaha still on planning process

Ok i just wanna show off  this picture




Lily got married to Abg “suara-azman-jantan” Zul..haha. Lily’s parent house at Senawang.Kinda jauh nk dekat masuk Linggi jugak..Nti reception August nk pergi jugak ah..:P.Went there with Cheryl, i fetch her at Komuter Kajang and we’re bit late, missed the solemnization part, but anyhow we managed to witnessed the sarungkan cincin ceremony and kiss-me-bebeh part. Lily was sooo preety and her baju is great..But her engagement attire i loved the most.Lil ni sesuai makeup natural sajor.Kalo over nampak pelik,as in photoshoot n launch harituh.

The makan part was the bestt..A whole lots of lauk was there. Me and Cheryl transform macam raksasa pemakan lauk Nogori. Ayam goreng, sayur rebung +perut, ulam + sambal belacan, daging kari, apelagii..lupala pulak..

We met Aida?? alamak i forgot the name also.. Which is Lily’s ex-officemate. She’s a nice person n pretty.

Later we rush back coz Cheryl wanted to watch MU match at Bukit Jalil at 4pm. We went lepaking at Kajang to enjoy 3-layer tea at Mamak, borak n i send her home. I got dates with Nadya,my long long lost friend who went to KL, and i had a good time with her..:)



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