My 1st Uni fren(F) got married!

This is the first REQUESTED blog post i received from a friend of mine offline. Kinda funny..Kalau lah some big company request me to write an entry for their product/company and i get paid for it lagi masyukk..hahaha dah buat blog pun dlm wordpress, nk masuk nuffnang/advertlets/adsense pn xleh..Bila aku nk remove ke blogspot ntah..tggu wordpress upgrade skit masa lg ah..Eh ape tajuk sebenar ni dah lupa dah..

Oh since i used desktop n theres pic of Moon wedding in it, so its Tribute to Moon wedding post..Hahaha. Mcm dia legend ke ape..


I went to Endau with a bunch group of friends-Onie, Zaza n Aya by my car. It was a bit hurry go-getter because we wanted to be there by 9pm-witnessing Moon solemnization friday night. I’m on my leave and picking up Onie at her Aunt’s home and Zaza at komuter Serdang. Then we rush to Mines to find some handsome gift to Moon.Looking for Comforter set lah. Kt Mines the price were quite high and we’re heading to Midvalley. Midvalley was freakin jammed and full-house. What r KLites doing on Friday afternoon here? Da..da..da..we went to Sunway Pyramid to buy the comforter set..Kt JJ je ponnn..geram aku. Then went to fetch Aya.minah ni pn lambat gila. We’re so hungry then went to Pearl Point to find some food. Aya went there to find us.. Oh something happen at the basement car got her another scratch while manouvering it. Kahkah..Mmg xda perasaan time tu. Sooo we OFFICIALLY depart around 4pm!! Cruising along PLUS highway, took a ramp to Senawang/Kuala Pilah exit (ayat dah macam google maps punya direction)..We took the old-road(jalan lama) to endau as suggested by Onie (hustler endau, yer ah umah dia sane) using Bukit Putuss.memory betul jalan itu since i went to Kuala Pilah Matriculation College last time. Aihhh. Ok cut it short we arrived at 9pm. Solemnization pics xhambik. Esoknya baru I ambik.


mereka yang gembira

mereka yang gembira


huda posing it with aya

huda posing it with aya

konon2 panning lah

konon2 panning lah



p/s : Will continue if i had mood (suddenly lost it) hahaha


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