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IKEA Ramadhan Buffet 2009


I look forward to this visit ever since i saw on IKEA’s website ads they’re having MYR15.90 buffet. My mind went imagining I’ll be happily stuffed with Salmon fish, Lemon chicken, Meatball, Sphagetthi, Daim cakes, Freshwater Shrimp, custard puff, unlimited soft drinks(bad Huda).

Before i went there, i google tru to see other’s review. Majority says it was beyond what they expect. Eh ape ni. No..It was nothing what they expect. I had double thought dahh..

I pickup Cheryl, borak2 and off we went to IKEA jugak. haha. unconscious mind. I went there jugak because it is a convenient place :parking free, place to eat, surau dekat dgn cafe n selesa, can jalan2 n steal some interior design idea after solat, have some shopping= Happy

Cheryl n I had same interior concept and she’s quite an artistic. I bought a cheap big wooden frame (RM15), thinking to paint its frame with white and make it rusty. Cheryl volunteer to paint the artwork for me and put it in that frame. My idea is an abstract, uneven shape, black white red and undefine. My initial point of buying that frame is that to make some pic collage or stylish fabric innit. heheh anyway im happy someone wants to paint an artwork for me, exclusively!

Oh back to the’s the menu of the day ok. Im not sure if they change the menu daily or what but here’s what i had yesterday(3rd day puasa)

Nasi Putih

Ayam Bakar Merah

Ikan keli bakar percik

Broccoli mixed veggie

Kerabu Sotong


Rendang Tok

Veggie lasagna

Desssert : kuih melaka (xtau nama sbnar), kuih koci, jelly blackcurrant n jelly coconut, pisang, ice-cream (vanilla, strawberry, choc), kurma

Beverages : Coffee, sugar cane, soya, bandung, air kosong.

Semua boleh amik secara unlimited! biasa la kan, kater buffet.

And while the buffet on going from 6.30-9pm no ala carte can be ordered. The last order would be on 5pm. So, i dont get a chance to order even 5pcs meatball.:(. The place is closed and the entrance would be near the washroom. You pay rm15.90, got a green sticker and go.

I think this is the cheapest buffet available in town compare to other restaurant and hotels as in 2009 ramadhan buffet promo and buffet ramadhan except for fast food chain lahh.

For me, yeap I expect more of westerns but buka puasa always significantly close to Malay food. Looking forward for Salmon day!!!

p/s : Oh I went there on weekdays and no hassle at all.I arrived at 7.10 and straight away took the buffet. Not sure about the weekend tho..

p/p/s : Many non-muslim took the chance also..Make sure to tahan if they eat before the azan


Do not trust a dude in tunic

I had double thought about this movie and to even review it.

1st time i watch it 2nd half because my dad has just purchased it at pasar malam.( every wednesday night seems to be like this ehh). I joined him, while my mom already asleep in front of telly. I laugh a lot.

2nd time watching it 1st half..i was like..i laugh over this movies?

OK I think I should watch the movie from beginning to an end to judge it/review so this is obviously not accurate as a 0-meter.

I personally loves the tachyon amplifier sounds, its so vintage and happy tunes..My laughable part was that (or at least i’ll be like..Ek eleyy)

– Marshall (Will Ferrel that is..) was giving presentation about tachyons in a darkened room. Looks like a professional-pro-wth but at the end, turns out that he’s just giving presentation to an elementary school kids whose totally blur and ignore his theory.

-Will character by Danny McBride is totally laughable. He’s a super-freak from Devil’s Canyon Mystery Cave, giving Marshall n Holly a tourist trip he made with his geeko friend inside a cave where he thought the legend of Sleestak (lizard man lbih kurang cicak man)ever happened.

– Marshall make fun of T-rex by saying his brain is just a size of a walnut. Then a while after the T-Rex accidently heard it, and throws a walnut to Marshall that the walnut size soo huge, compare to what Marsall says earlier.

– Enik (a Sleestak or cicak men so called) is wearing a tunic which I find hilarious when Will says his life philosophy is never trust a dude in tunic. Whatta lame principle.

– When Marshall wanna pujuk Will n Holly back, he’s playing this banjo and theres a giant reddy worm sucking at his back. Holly n Will notice it but gives a blank stare.

– Chaka gives Marshall n Will a weird looking fruit that has a liquid innit. Will n Marshall drink vigorously n while Chaka explain what it was ( and being translated by Holly cos only Holly understand primitive language), he said that it is a celebratory drink among his people and makes the drinker hallucinate and the feeling being rape by zombie.Haha.Gile bengong.

Thing i find soo gross

– Chaka ( a primates) seems so suci konon2 and touch Hollys boobies. I hate lame sex jokes.

– Marshall suggest Will n Holly to drained themselves with dinosour urine to avoid T-Rex locate them. Marshall start first by showering n drinking the urine (He said it goes tru the blood stream and even better). I dislikes jokes involving urine.

Hohoho.Seems like the laughable point is even more than the gross point so is it statistically means i like this movie…errrr nk ngaku ke x? hahaha

My parents birthday

Ayah’s birthday falls on 23rd of June while Mak’s on 2nd of August. Ayah’s 65 and mak sweet 61.ehehe.. 1 whole family currently worrying on my mom’s health condition and she’s undergo scanning and some lab test to see what went wrong. Ok I truly hope nothing’s serious about mak..:)

This is my Father’s birthday

cupcake from shaila's treat, PJ

cupcake from shaila's treat, PJ

We joint together with Izwan( Abg Din’s son) cuz only 1 day before.

yaya, ayah and izwan

yaya, ayah and izwan

This is Mak birthday

blueberry cheesecake fire burning

blueberry cheesecake fire burning

Mak’s pic not wearing tudung..Hehe..xmau letak lah.Nk edit, malas ah..

Be your OWN woman

12 years of no career,focusing on family, kids, husband

has been beating up with her husband

sleeping with her 4 kids to avoid the violence of the husband

the husband commit suicide at their home garage

the husband forfeit the insurance coverage 3 months before commit suicide

its obviously a PLOY

Suze Orman asked Sylvia, what is the first feeling she had just after seeing her husband dying on garage?

She answer : RELIEVES

1 thing interest me the most is that the husband wants Sylvia to put on makeup ALL-the time. When Suze asked her to washed away that makeup, she was worried and feel uneasy of it because it will be the first time ever to do such thing. End up they both putting off the makeup together. Sylvia cries.

Suze made a count of all expenses Sylvia had to commit every month to cover only the house. It exceed a whooping 3000 dollars. She couldnt afford it. She only have less than 20 dollar in her pocket, not even enough to buy a milk. No savings, no insurance. Obviously, she depends her whole life on her husband.

Suze gather ups Sylvia’s family n friends to see how many helps that she can assemble. Its great to see her family willing to lend some hand on taking care of her kids, cook for them, even give her 1000 dollar per month to cover up her expenses and debts (Sylvia has 50,000 dollars credit card debt). Before the family agrees to lending some money to Sylvia, Suze reminds that money loaning from friends and families would not held the good relationship. Everytime you look at the face of loaners, you’ll start thinking “When would she pay my money”. By the way, this is some line that you can use if someone wants to borrow money from youbut you want to refuse  in a professional way:

“As much as I would love to help, I don’t have that sort of money to share right now, given all my bills and retirement goals.”

You aren’t saying, “No, I won’t loan you money.”

You’re saying, “My own financial situation makes it impossible for me to help you right now.”

I know its kinda serious-wth to talk to someone like that but at least…

Apart from all that, Its good to see that as a woman, we have to stand up ourselves and do not lean on others, not even a husband.

p/s  : I think I should buy her book

p/p/s : There’s an auction of Great men in support of WAO Malaysia this 8th august

Vibrant yet classily Nik Erwan Roseli

After I glanced through my “Elie Saab” entry, I checked my FB, reply some comment and did funny quiz.haha.and spot Nik Erwan Roseli picture profile which is attractive enough for me to check out his profile.

It was a stunning color blend and i used to fall in love with his design when Cheryl invites him for our “Designer Edge” column in ESEN. I cant make it for the shoot because i was in Brunei but afterward I had to pick the picture CD from Ijat (photographer) at Bangi. IT WAS SUPERB. Ijat shot was good, Joanna (model) was pretty as hell and most importantly Nik Erwan’s collection was terrific.

2Photo taken at Bora Ombak. Courtesy of ESEN and Ijat Usop



This shocking green cekak musang kurung is for GLAM magazine. I really love it. Definitely a steal!

And i love Bibah Songket collection which is an uplifting effort for our heritage..Something I was looking for. I always dream of traditional wedding where I would dress in songket. But doesnt Bibah songket would be so eye-catcher?


While Earth Debacle was an inspiration Nik get from nature disaster

JAY_6617it turns out great!

how could you not love THIS

how could you not love THIS

Kudos to all Malaysian designer!! (specifically Nik)

All photo courtesy of  :

Da da da da da ( and i do not mean DADA)

“I always say that I dont need you but it always gonna come right back to this,

Please don’t leave me”

I’m currently obsessed with Pink’s song. I mean I always does really. She’s a fun singer. I remember back then, when i was 14, listening to “Most Girl” while her hair still pink which what she really is. I reflect on my emotional situation with her rebellious song. y’know teen years was always challenging and u need some pat at the back..:p

Then, a year after I’m into “Dont let me get me” and “Just Like a Pill”

“Don’t let me get me
I’m my own worst enemy
Its bad when you annoy yourself
So irritating
Don’t wanna be my friend no more
I wanna be somebody else”

Which is real that I wanna be somebody else because in secondary school I think I can do so much better that what I previously did. i had a lot of rantings and emotional disorder as I read through my diary ( I started to own a diary since i was 14). But now Im OK!

“LA told me, “You’ll be a pop star,
All you have to change is everything you are.”

I had a thing with Ell (Fatmalfalah) with this song. We obviously had the same music groove 🙂

Then, its U+Ur Hand

Please Dont Leave Me…

I love all her song and she made great MTV too with nice body moves, I dunno why she has that attraction though she’s not that all pretty or what. But its true that if you dont have enough looks, then unleash other attraction towards you. Pink does it perfectly.


I’m touched with above expression Pink had on that cute guy.. It was sweet yet spiteful after all what she had done to him maliciously. Grrrr

I love all her song. She made good MTV too with nice body moves, I dunno why she has that attraction though she’s not that all pretty or what. But its true that if you dont have enough looks, then unleash other attraction towards you.Pink does it perfectly.

Elie Saab

I never label myself as a fashion expert. (Of course la not) but i always kept track on whats IN? and believe that fashion is not always seasonal, but individual flavor blends with character, inner strenght and beliefs.

I’ve just read a newspaper after got back from Fafa’s home and there’s some writeup about Lubnan’s fashion designer and of course it mention Elie Saab, the most  renowned Lebanese designer and might as well in fashion industry. I just know that he’s Lebanese a few months ago after googling over his haute couture design. Before this I always thought that the name belongs to Italian/French lady.

elie saab

elie saab

I’m so proud of his achievement and talents. Summore he’s from middle east. He used to sew his sisters clothes back then and seriously starts a workshop at the age of 18!  Elie Saab is the favorite designer for most A-list  Hollywood stars

Who could ever forget this one-of-its-kind piece/Oscar charm beauty

Breath-takingingly Angie in Elie Saab

I personally loved his logo-Simple yet sophisticated


Could this be your next designer? Hahahaha. i never did any sewing even though my mom is a tailor.