Elie Saab

I never label myself as a fashion expert. (Of course la not) but i always kept track on whats IN? and believe that fashion is not always seasonal, but individual flavor blends with character, inner strenght and beliefs.

I’ve just read a newspaper after got back from Fafa’s home and there’s some writeup about Lubnan’s fashion designer and of course it mention Elie Saab, the most  renowned Lebanese designer and might as well in fashion industry. I just know that he’s Lebanese a few months ago after googling over his haute couture design. Before this I always thought that the name belongs to Italian/French lady.

elie saab

elie saab

I’m so proud of his achievement and talents. Summore he’s from middle east. He used to sew his sisters clothes back then and seriously starts a workshop at the age of 18!  Elie Saab is the favorite designer for most A-list  Hollywood stars

Who could ever forget this one-of-its-kind piece/Oscar charm beauty

Breath-takingingly Angie in Elie Saab

I personally loved his logo-Simple yet sophisticated


Could this be your next designer? Hahahaha. i never did any sewing even though my mom is a tailor.


2 responses to this post.

  1. butang tanggal ko jahit sndri ke suro mak jahit? hahahaha

    erk.. hahaha… saje menyemak blog ko… writer’s block (or maybe blogger’s block? hehe) right now..

    pale pon sakit nih. tp tgh bosan.


  2. Posted by nughol on August 3, 2009 at 2:14 am

    hahha..mstila mak aku yg jahitkan..serahkan pada yg pakar.

    hahaha..aku tetibe dtg mood nk post banyak2..kdg2 sebulan xda ape2 lgsung

    hahaha..bosan g la kemas seluruh rumah (ape punya cadangan)

    or try resipi mudah seperti trifle..xpayah masak pun..buat layer krim, kek, custard je


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