Vibrant yet classily Nik Erwan Roseli

After I glanced through my “Elie Saab” entry, I checked my FB, reply some comment and did funny quiz.haha.and spot Nik Erwan Roseli picture profile which is attractive enough for me to check out his profile.

It was a stunning color blend and i used to fall in love with his design when Cheryl invites him for our “Designer Edge” column in ESEN. I cant make it for the shoot because i was in Brunei but afterward I had to pick the picture CD from Ijat (photographer) at Bangi. IT WAS SUPERB. Ijat shot was good, Joanna (model) was pretty as hell and most importantly Nik Erwan’s collection was terrific.

2Photo taken at Bora Ombak. Courtesy of ESEN and Ijat Usop



This shocking green cekak musang kurung is for GLAM magazine. I really love it. Definitely a steal!

And i love Bibah Songket collection which is an uplifting effort for our heritage..Something I was looking for. I always dream of traditional wedding where I would dress in songket. But doesnt Bibah songket would be so eye-catcher?


While Earth Debacle was an inspiration Nik get from nature disaster

JAY_6617it turns out great!

how could you not love THIS

how could you not love THIS

Kudos to all Malaysian designer!! (specifically Nik)

All photo courtesy of  :


3 responses to this post.

    • Posted by kassim on January 23, 2012 at 2:09 pm

      if you are really a victim,why don’t you make a police report?

      i think you are just someone who likes to ‘dengki’ other peoples success!


  1. Posted by nughol on December 9, 2011 at 4:27 am

    hi,thanks for the link..but this post is written on 2009 so it doesn’t really portray my stance towards NER now..Its good to know the other side story ya.


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