Be your OWN woman

12 years of no career,focusing on family, kids, husband

has been beating up with her husband

sleeping with her 4 kids to avoid the violence of the husband

the husband commit suicide at their home garage

the husband forfeit the insurance coverage 3 months before commit suicide

its obviously a PLOY

Suze Orman asked Sylvia, what is the first feeling she had just after seeing her husband dying on garage?

She answer : RELIEVES

1 thing interest me the most is that the husband wants Sylvia to put on makeup ALL-the time. When Suze asked her to washed away that makeup, she was worried and feel uneasy of it because it will be the first time ever to do such thing. End up they both putting off the makeup together. Sylvia cries.

Suze made a count of all expenses Sylvia had to commit every month to cover only the house. It exceed a whooping 3000 dollars. She couldnt afford it. She only have less than 20 dollar in her pocket, not even enough to buy a milk. No savings, no insurance. Obviously, she depends her whole life on her husband.

Suze gather ups Sylvia’s family n friends to see how many helps that she can assemble. Its great to see her family willing to lend some hand on taking care of her kids, cook for them, even give her 1000 dollar per month to cover up her expenses and debts (Sylvia has 50,000 dollars credit card debt). Before the family agrees to lending some money to Sylvia, Suze reminds that money loaning from friends and families would not held the good relationship. Everytime you look at the face of loaners, you’ll start thinking “When would she pay my money”. By the way, this is some line that you can use if someone wants to borrow money from youbut you want to refuse  in a professional way:

“As much as I would love to help, I don’t have that sort of money to share right now, given all my bills and retirement goals.”

You aren’t saying, “No, I won’t loan you money.”

You’re saying, “My own financial situation makes it impossible for me to help you right now.”

I know its kinda serious-wth to talk to someone like that but at least…

Apart from all that, Its good to see that as a woman, we have to stand up ourselves and do not lean on others, not even a husband.

p/s  : I think I should buy her book

p/p/s : There’s an auction of Great men in support of WAO Malaysia this 8th august


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