Do not trust a dude in tunic

I had double thought about this movie and to even review it.

1st time i watch it 2nd half because my dad has just purchased it at pasar malam.( every wednesday night seems to be like this ehh). I joined him, while my mom already asleep in front of telly. I laugh a lot.

2nd time watching it 1st half..i was like..i laugh over this movies?

OK I think I should watch the movie from beginning to an end to judge it/review so this is obviously not accurate as a 0-meter.

I personally loves the tachyon amplifier sounds, its so vintage and happy tunes..My laughable part was that (or at least i’ll be like..Ek eleyy)

– Marshall (Will Ferrel that is..) was giving presentation about tachyons in a darkened room. Looks like a professional-pro-wth but at the end, turns out that he’s just giving presentation to an elementary school kids whose totally blur and ignore his theory.

-Will character by Danny McBride is totally laughable. He’s a super-freak from Devil’s Canyon Mystery Cave, giving Marshall n Holly a tourist trip he made with his geeko friend inside a cave where he thought the legend of Sleestak (lizard man lbih kurang cicak man)ever happened.

– Marshall make fun of T-rex by saying his brain is just a size of a walnut. Then a while after the T-Rex accidently heard it, and throws a walnut to Marshall that the walnut size soo huge, compare to what Marsall says earlier.

– Enik (a Sleestak or cicak men so called) is wearing a tunic which I find hilarious when Will says his life philosophy is never trust a dude in tunic. Whatta lame principle.

– When Marshall wanna pujuk Will n Holly back, he’s playing this banjo and theres a giant reddy worm sucking at his back. Holly n Will notice it but gives a blank stare.

– Chaka gives Marshall n Will a weird looking fruit that has a liquid innit. Will n Marshall drink vigorously n while Chaka explain what it was ( and being translated by Holly cos only Holly understand primitive language), he said that it is a celebratory drink among his people and makes the drinker hallucinate and the feeling being rape by zombie.Haha.Gile bengong.

Thing i find soo gross

– Chaka ( a primates) seems so suci konon2 and touch Hollys boobies. I hate lame sex jokes.

– Marshall suggest Will n Holly to drained themselves with dinosour urine to avoid T-Rex locate them. Marshall start first by showering n drinking the urine (He said it goes tru the blood stream and even better). I dislikes jokes involving urine.

Hohoho.Seems like the laughable point is even more than the gross point so is it statistically means i like this movie…errrr nk ngaku ke x? hahaha


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi,babe…i think the movie must be good. coz u did luv it the 1st time u watched it. The 2nd time is more bout finding the holes/ lacks in the movies (which we often do, mengaku ok…) haha… but still.. i love ur blog & movie review.. it feeds my halfly-functioned brain. lol…gud day..muah!


  2. Posted by nughol on September 1, 2009 at 6:59 am

    hahaha.yeah i think so..i love this movie.i love 17 again also..bcos of the funny thingy..and weirdos character..
    Thanks zulinnnnn for the compliment, keep updating ur blog yahh


  3. I Like this movie with the t rex part, where Marshall Saying his brain is the size of a walnut. Lol that was really funny! At the end where Marshall published a book for Matt and its title is called “Matt Lauer can suck it” Anyway I think the movie is so hilarious!


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